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Sliding Doors for constructs in Dual Universe (D.U. art inside)

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This is for those who are new to Dual Universe (and the forums) and whom have not seen some of the art/in game assets shown by Novaquark.

​You can see more art assets made for Dual Universe by visiting the media section here. http://www.dualthegame.com/medias


These are sliding doors to use in your spaceship or base or wherever you need a door. I just hope they make that "swish" sound :D






EDIT: Here is another sliding door, smaller....think the sliding door between a corridor and room or bridge in Star Trek.





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I would hope that these are intended for interior doors. I would prefer to see a different style for exterior doors. Maybe even something without the frame as we will be able to make voxel frames..or maybe both.


I would imagine that we are going to need air locks and beefy exterior doors. Somethign like a camera aperture, or better. I would also like to see different styles. Grungy dystopian styles, organic styles etc. But I think stuff like this will come in time.

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