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Grimm Liberty

Ahoy in the Pub

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It has come to my attention that very few, if any, people here know me.

My fault entirely, as I am usually a private lurker behind the scenes. It is not often I wish to bask in the warm glow of limelight. 


To that particular end, I've been working on a new freighter design and lost track of the months.

Then it took almost a full three weeks to get the lithium grease out of my clothes and make myself presentable.



Anyhow, I sold that design, which wasn't my best work, to someone who needed it "right now".


You may be wondering why you should care?

WELL, I'll tell you, I'm "in the money", so two rounds of drinks are on me! 



( I'm a RPvPer, and a semi-troll; sue me ) 


Oh, and I heard Vulture Corp was hiring? Is this correct? 

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Well hello,

We are indeed hiring capable people, we are afterall planning to design and build a large range of diverse starships ranging from simple drone fighters to large commercial vessels and civilian transport ships, perhaps even small capital ships although that is not our priority atleast not until we have our initial range done and a good level of tech behind us.

Ofcourse, near the start we will likely be building a number of exploration ships that can double as initial outposts, with cargo holds and long term power generation, habitation for long periods on any extreme of planet and all the home comforts that explorers could want. Thats the plan anyway!

We have a forum post here and our websites contain more information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



Corporate Facilities Manager and Chief Product Developer.

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I will peruse the information you mentioned FHG_Steve. Thanks kindly. 

*goes back to his Markers Mark and slams it with finality, tosses the bartender a credit chit, and waves as he saunters out the door*

Be well, all who deserve it.

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