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Hello i'm WorldsNoob

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Hello i'm WorldsNoob.  :)

I don't want to tell people my real name, where I live or how old I am.

I'm excited for this game, and I hope that I can try the game in the alpha, or that it doesn't end up costing too much. Because it looks amazing, and it would be fun to play with my friends, maybe takeover a whole planet and make a giant Clan/Group, starting with my friends and I on a quest.  B)
Have a nice day.   :D

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So I am just going to ask and put it out there... The middle east? It's fairly common for people here to hide where they are from online in international communities, otherwise it becomes a huge headache and you can't answer a simple "S/L/A" question without everyone having opinions and political debates about it. Also something about the style of your English...


If you are, then I offer you the common middle eastern online handshake, in which it's probably safe to assume we are from warring countries with some degree of bad blood, so we agree to never go into the nitty gritty details on which we might disagree on and instead blame it all on the politicians at the top while sharing a plate of virtual humus and continue peacefully for as long as nobody brings up the question of who really invented Falafel.


Either way, welcome to DU.

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