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Watching and waiting :)

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Hello there,


Really excited by this game, it sounds like a very intelligent, promising and quality game from the things I have read so far.


I love to build, create things, get lost in role play, and sink my teeth into anything that takes me to another place, and sets my imagination alight. This seems to be a game that will do all of those things.


I currently build in another voxel game, Landmark, and also like to play The Sims, city builder games, Guild Wars and very occasionally Minecraft. I started to build Sci Fi a couple of months ago, but I love anything Sci fi and have for a long time. I tend to have a Utopian perspective of the future of humanity (primarily from a roleplay perspective) and really love the idea of the Arkship in Dual Universe. I find the aesthetic designs in DU very inspiring.


I hope to experience all the great things in this game, and look forward to getting to know people in the DU community. I recognise a few names already. What I hope for in DU is to build up an Organisation or Empire...I'd love that and maybe there are a few people who will join to build that too!

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I can't wait to build a world or at least parts of a world that interest me. It would be nice to have a goal to drive towards in a game vs the current voxel game I play where all you can do is build. I want to see creations fly, roll, permanent homes, town halls, cities etc.

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