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Kickstarter backers with physical rewards: verify your postal address before we ship your reward!


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Dear Kickstarter Backers,


The production of your Kickstarter Physical Reward(s) is nearing completion! Silver packages have started shipping, while Gold and Sapphire are almost ready to go. Ruby, Emerald and Kyrium are processing and we hope to have more news about their shipping status soon.


Have you had a change of postal address in 2023? We’re giving you one last chance to update your address with this form. We want to make sure that the rewards arrive safely, so if you’ve had a postal address change, please fill out the form so our files are as accurate as possible.





- If you have not created your Dual Universe account yet, you will need to do so. On creating your account, make sure to use the same email address as your Kickstarter backer one and fill out the address on your profile:https://www.dualuniverse.game/signup

- All updates to your postal address must be completed by Friday, February 16th, 2024.




After the above deadline, the address we have on file is the one that the rewards will be shipped to. We are unable to give any additional opportunities for postal address changes after this time.


We apologize for the long time this rewards shipping took. We can't thank you enough for your contribution to Dual Universe, which wouldn't exist without you. 

See you in game!


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