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Summer Celebration at The Alioth Exchange!


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Noveans, are you ready for a summer party?


Get your cocktail shakers and water guns ready, because today we’re BBQueueing up for our Summer Celebration at the Alioth Exchange!


Pros: there is actually no queue.
Cons: you don’t get to shoot your water gun, but there are plenty of other fun activities to do and also some free loot too!


To join in the fun, all you need to do is find your way to the Alioth Exchange starting right now up until July 24th, 2023. (Plenty of time for a visit or two or maybe three!)


Live Event:


And to make this event extra cozy, we’re inviting you for our sauce-dippin’ finger-lickin’ live event where you get to meet some of the NQ staff and create memorable moments together with our community members. And for some extra flavor - make sure to visit our very special NQ booths that are set up at the parking lot and get yourself some freebies!


Live Event Time: Wednesday, July 19th @ 4:00 PM New York/Toronto time / 20:00 UTC 
Place: At the Alioth Exchange green hall parking lot


Want to add a decoration to our beach-y event?


Once you’ve spent time at the very beach-y Exchange and you think that something could be added or maybe you could build that you would like included in the decorations. We’re inviting all of our creative players to come up with their own summer decorations and submit them using this form. If we think it will fit in with the theme, we’ll happily place it for everyone else to see. Deadline is Friday, July 21st, 2023 at 18:00 UTC. (All entries are subject to approval and must be XS or S core size only.)



You know what else summertime is great for? A good ol’ raffle with a very exciting prize! Throughout this event, anyone who interacts with a dispenser gets their name registered for a chance to win a 90-day Gametime Code. Will you be the lucky winner? Make sure to go click on at least one dispenser to be entered in the draw! The lucky winner will be announced after the event is over. 


How to get to The Alioth Exchange

Coordinates:  ::pos{0,2,24.3879,99.3719,124.6659}

You can also take a shuttle from your closest District 1 through 10 on Haven and Sanctuary -> Travel to Alioth -> Select “Alioth Exchange” from the Points of Interest tab on your map (F4) -> Right-click and “Set as destination” and you’re there!

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out our community stores: summertime is meant for treating yourself to a little upgrade for your construct collection! 


Fancy yourself a booth at the Exchange? Here’s how!

Just follow this link with all the information on how to get your booth set up your Exchange booth. 




Let’s meet up at the Exchange, Noveans! Don’t forget your sunscreen, and we hope to SEA you there :) 

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  • NQ-Nyota changed the title to Summer Celebration at The Alioth Exchange!

"some free loot" is an understatement. It seems every NQ-member has its own gift box. And I like how the IT people's boxes give you keyboards, electronics etc.

Great work. All the halls are full of sand dunes. Who will have to clean that up on 24th?

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14 hours ago, Lasersmith said:

Who will have to clean that up on 24th?


Oh it will be an easy clean-up, a little sweeping here and there. :P 


Happy to hear you like the event and the decorations and all the freebies. :)

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I think it's a great idea, it was all very nicely co-designed by the players. The final event was a great idea, unfortunately a bit disappointing due to the performance and lags, I didn't manage to find all of them in that time because I already had to go offline and each crate triggered what felt like 20-30 minutes of lag before you could open it. The buildings and theme were fantastic, too bad you couldn't really use any of it. I would have loved to ride the Ferris wheel or slide down the chutes, but unfortunately I got stuck.
Looking forward to the next event and really hope it will run more stable.

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Hey all!
After a grueling search through the hot beach sands, all in an effort to have a chance at a most precious bonsai tree in their possession, one Novean has emerged victorious and the winner of our Exchange Event raffle is:


A huge congratulations to JackStryker, please contact NQ-Nicodemus, who will hand deliver this most valuable item.

Once Again, we want to thank you all for participating in our Exchange Event. If you haven't had a chance to visit the Exchange, you have until Monday! There's freebies and some amazing creations by our players to see.

We appreciate the help cleaning up the Exchange, you know that sand get everywhere..

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