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Understanding the charts for a defensive build


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Hi all -


I love mining the classic way, e.g. what we do on asteroids now.  Alas, not fond of being defenseless.  So working on a Roid miner that can shoot back.


Open to aligned suggestions!


One quick question:  If I'm reading the charts right, a Large Railgun has about twice the range that a Large Radar can detect a ship at?  How does that work???  Would I be better off with, say, (2) M railguns that max the Large radars range?  I rather hope to collapse a XS ships shields in a single hit as a warning, so the Large Railgun would be better for that, right?  Wrong?  Please explain.



(e.g.  Here is hoping I'm not your next target)

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As you pointed out, there are some quirks with PvP stats.  Best defense is still to not be there when bandits show up.  Range and damage are not the only factors to consider.  Tracking is going to cut your odds of hitting ships of sizes smaller than the weapon.  To the best of my knowledge the meta is still small core ships, so a large rail may be at a serious disadvantage.   


There's at least one Google doc guide but I don't have the link handy ATM. 

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First of all, before advising you on a ship that can defend you, I will extrapolate the threat against which you wish to defend yourself.

I'm going to assume that you come across 2 experienced PvP players. These 2 players with access to Geforce.
The best PvP ship to date is hands down the S core double gunner rail gun + cannon.
This is really the most unfavorable case, very often you will encounter less disadvantageous match ups (or bad luck an entire fleet that comes to undermine it by chance).

If you are less experienced and less armed, I would advise you for your mining session to start with 3 people.
It is indeed an MMO and if you want to engage in battle and win, you have to be in a group.

With 3 single gunner ships, you will have less firepower, but will gain in maneuverability and overall resistance of your fleet (3 shields vs 2 for your opponents).

Here are the kind of ships that I can recommend for a fight:
6 Rare precision cannon S
2 Ammo containers
4 Advanced freight L space engine
2 Space Fueltank M
1 Rare Shield M

If you don't want to go through the design phase here is a BP vendor:
https://du-creators.org/makers/SNS Sentinels/ship/Saber
The buff of a ship created by them is free. This will make up for part of your lack of PvP handling talent.

If you still want to make your own ship, they sell their buff price, find out on the discord.

=> Now that you have gathered your friends, built your ships, let's talk about some tips that could allow you to win a fight:

- Bring a container dock on your ship. In case of aggression you can separate from it and will not be handicapped by your farming

- Always have someone to watch while you mine

- Training is important. Overall players who do not practice PvP like to shout that because it is not FPS and only lock and fire, that the game does not require any player skills.
This is totally false, regularly we have PvP confrontations where victories are won at 1 against 2 or even 1 against 3 with almost identical ships. Piloting is really not to be neglected.

That's a lot of information to consider. There's more to see, but you can start working your way from here. You are already in the 20% of players able to take advantage of most of your encounters in PvP Zone.


There is a fairly comprehensive public google doc on PvP. The information is quite relevant but it may be too specific if you are a complete beginner.

PS 2: Maybe you and your friends will have to put on the face with cheap XS ships just to understand the pressure of combat, movement and the use of weapons.

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