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Question from returning mod creator question


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Hello everyone,


Has HTML support been removed? Because the screen is pitch black when i enter a simple HTML like:
<h1 style="font-size:10vw">Hello World</h1>

Is LUA the only thing supported, because that works, but there is a slider to the top right where you can choose LUA or HTML, but HTML is displaying nothing at all.



Ive been away for quite some time, so ive missed alot.

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22 hours ago, JudgementXY said:

Never mind i just read some earlier post from devs that html has been disabled.


just remove the “disable HTML” checkbox in your settings screen and it will show up. 

— edit: I see I have been Kezzle’d…

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My understanding is that even with HTML enabled, the dynamic HTML content (set by a programming board) is only seen on the client that activates the programming board (i.e. is not sent to the server for dispatch to other clients in the screen's vicinity). Correct me if I'm wrong.

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