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Alpha Backer Tiers


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Anyone know where a guy could find out what level of backing they were back in alpha?  ive been looking everywhere and cant seem to find it.  Just want to know so that I know im getting the exotic rewards. thx

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24 minutes ago, Daphne Jones said:

Do you want to know what level you backed at or what the perks of that level are?


Your profile should show you your backer level. 


You used to be able to see the perks on the kickstarter page, but perk info doesn't seem to be there any more.

under your avatar is shows that your a silver founder lol and that I'm a contributor! guess that answers my question.

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I am confused because under my product it only states patreon and alpha acess. Is that enough for...game time and best packet? A friend is confuzing me that I get nothing cos that was only for alpha.....perhaps I should not lisen to him...

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