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  1. under your avatar is shows that your a silver founder lol and that I'm a contributor! guess that answers my question.
  2. Anyone know where a guy could find out what level of backing they were back in alpha? ive been looking everywhere and cant seem to find it. Just want to know so that I know im getting the exotic rewards. thx
  3. ya I've gone through all this with Empyrion Galactic Survival and having to rebuild my ships after every patch. I knew this would happen here as well and didn't spend much time in the beta because of this. But I am goin to give the new voxel tool a test drive and gain some skill and knowledge with it. The only way I feel they can fix this is a full wipe.... but more game breaking patches need to happen before this game can be released.
  4. Easy solution to this whole vaccine patch...... first claimed tile is free! after that the tax can kick in incrementally.... 100k 2nd tile, 200k 3rd, 400k 4th, 800k 5th and so on...
  5. who said that mega nodes will turn into high output auto mining tiles? I mean wont they get shuffled? I have my base on a 4.2K/L of hematite right now and Im trying to find out if I should mine it out before the this patch is released.
  6. Hey guys, just dropping a message to introduce myself. My in game name is Riptose and if you come from Emyrion HWS server you might have heard of me! Im an advanced builder in that game, everything from bases to capital vessels. Always been a fan of building/crafting mmo's and what finally got me to get me feet wet here is the fact you can sell your prints and people cant take a copy! So here I am feel free to message me or if your looking for new members to join your ranks let me know! Riptose
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