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  1. I am confused because under my product it only states patreon and alpha acess. Is that enough for...game time and best packet? A friend is confuzing me that I get nothing cos that was only for alpha.....perhaps I should not lisen to him...
  2. Way back in the start I got the biggest alpha packet, my status states I got alpha acess and patreon status. Do I need to pay more now? I thought I get like a year of subscription and stuff at launch.
  3. Well I thought It would pick up speed fast enough to fly. Also I am in a Org with some friends. Also its my first kinda ok ship so I got no money for more brakes. Geez mate, gimmi a break.
  4. HAH. I was looking for it there but the bloddy thing wasnt loading. Now it loaded. I assumed it was gone. Ok. tnx. (happy welding noises)
  5. I was flying at around 500m height loaded to the gills with 180t of cargo. Server disconnected. Logged back in and the ship went down like a brick and exploded. I died. No idea if I can find the wreck and try to fix it.... kinda hoping but I dont see it on the map. This is so not my fault and not fair. I want my ship and ore back. Pls help. Everything I had was in there. I sold my bed to get enough for fuel. Geeeeeeeeeeez. I sold my concrete and my toilet even.
  6. discordauth:L3dpD7aRCnDGTPhFY-JgYDpfrrjycXuWPGcDabln2Es=

  7. You know you can get your hands dirty a bit in Hyperion? It is kind of like DU.
  8. How about only untill servers are up 24/7. They have some sort of a singleplayer editor for themself.
  9. Hah. Seriously what is the difference between sitting in a safe zone building a ship and just designing it offline? You still need all materials for it. It is just easyer on the server to not have basically afk players designing ship in the base.
  10. This server downtime is killing me. I would like to work on my designs. Could we get a standalone voxel ship editor to play around in and later import blueprints from into the game?
  11. Hi Capusuleers, welcome to our second universe. I was just curious how many ex EVE players gathered here and/or donated to this project. After leaving EVE during the roughest times in the games history, jeah we all remember Jita riots.... I swiched to Minecraft. Jeah pls dont laugh, I mean it was not all 12 year olds back then But nothing will ever fill the EVE itch. Today I see EVE like an old girlfriend.... it was great, learned a lot but it is time to move on. Nevertheless, I will forever be a proud Amarr citizen. And now here presents a second chance to fly the golden hulls once again. Cant wait. Fly safe OTo Moto, Cnexus Director
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