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Despite the fact that making links in a factory is very slow and leads to freeze.


Is there a way to make multiple links from a container to a production unit without having to reselect the container?


Example: I have 10 smelters and I want them to retrieve all the ingredients from the same container, currently I click container then smelter 10 times.

If they are right next to each other it's not too much of a problem, but if I have to go a long way in my factory it's already more annoying 
Now I move the container when it's the case, but it's still quite annoying.


(btw the opposite would be awesome too, selecting the output container and being able to link to 10 output of smelter)


Kind regards


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20 hours ago, Deathknight said:

That would be fairly cool to be able to do this.


In the example you used, I usually move the container or hub near the smelters, do the linking, then undo (backspace), which will put the container/hub back where it belongs.

Please confirm that using the undo action in build mode does not affect link state.  I have seen several people place (move?) a fuel tank, link up, then move the tank but it wasn't obvious what action they used to move the tank.

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