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Pitch/Yaw/Roll speed nerfs ruin the fun of flying


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This is all chatter about the same repeating matter. Call it whatever you want, say whatever you think is why it occurred. In the end it is the same over and over... game changes make all ship build invalid. This is wearing the player base for sure and we still have power around some corner that will do it all again.


Go for it, rebuild all your ships for this so you can do it again soon. I'm at the point of doing the sixth rebuild of the same ships not because I want to or because I found a better way but because what I did and learned in game is no longer useful as the game changes how ships work all too often. At some point I really really hope NQ makes ship build stable so people do not need to be upset redoing things they do not want to...




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And as the OP said, flying used to be fun. Cruise around and see all the cool stuff that people made. Maybe some shenanigans ensue and you do some tricky flying. Now landing and using the maneuver tool to change direction is less painful than turning in the air. It is a science fiction game. It is not a simulator, It is supposed to be fun!

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