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Make it possible to edit Core Blueprints


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Here's an idea that might be quite useful for creators and also would help a lot in a possible wipe scenario: being able to edit Core Blueprints.


Basically, if you have the Core Blueprint (and DRM on it), you would be able to "edit" that Core BP and replace or remove elements on it with variations of the same item. So for example, you could replace a Basic Space Engine XL with any other variation of that item, as far it's a Space Engine XL, and optionally you could also remove the elements from it, in case you don't want to deploy the BP with certain items.

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12 hours ago, W1zard said:

This, and a possibility to replace an element with it's variant on an already deployed ship (in case you bought one with basic elements and want to upgrade for example) would be a really nice QOL features in wipe scenario.


Yes please! Would be SO HELPFUL if there was a tool similar to replace voxel, but to replace elements... Would make life much easier for everyone!

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On 4/26/2022 at 3:18 PM, Hirnsausen said:

This is identical to my suggestions that I made months ago...

Wolf's post specifies that you have the core bp where yours does not. People are more likely to agree with their suggestion than yours because odds are if you have the core bp then you are either the original designer or someone the designer has entirely sold their rights on the construct to.

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