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Make DU a mobile game (partly)

De Overheid

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Okay, first off let me confess the following; I like the Demeter update, the .23 update is making sense now, even taxes are a good idea and MU's are a godsent for people like me, who like building more than getting lost in dark caves. That said, let me get to the point; The mining minigame and it's entire game-loop is a mess.


instead of taking the mining part out of your hands, it just ties you up moving all over (no VR) to make you carefully calibrate MU's (tedious job and calls for spreadsheets of min-maxing. To solve this problem, I can think of a lot of solutions that would probably piss of other people or be downright impossible but IF we want to keep this system working, there is only one medium where these kind of click-bait, repetitive and dopamine fueled games have a place, on your mobile.


Let me update the calibrations from an app while taking a break at work, or in the train, or in bed or wherever. Let me play the real game when in the real game but just hook up a small website or app with a simple API to the game that takes care of the few steps needed to update the calibrations. I can time them better, feel less... well I think it speaks for itself. Thanks.

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You may want to just set up vr at them all, it makes it makes it feasible to keep going while doing stuff on other planets.


As for connecting the mini-game to a phone app to remote calibrate, not a bad idea, though potentially quite a bit of work on the developer's part to make work, and possibly requiring an element similar to a vr unit that would itself be linked to the MU.

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Access to the market containers (check/update orders) from mobile would also be handy.


Also, notifications when :

- large production runs are complete

- certain containers are empty

- send/receive quanta

- player joins/leave org (for also tracking if you're about to lose some core slots)

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One of my toons got 600 notifications when he logged in due to other toons doing lots of calibration, buying stuff and unclaiming etc. that would be a lot of beeps on the app.


but yes, a App would be cool. log in a character, be able to do MU calibration, check notifications (filtered), send and receive in game mail if it ever arrives. 


But it I think this would be a post release extra, since they are still changing so much already. If the game posted any APIs we could access I suspect somebody would do it themselves pretty quickly. 

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