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Help-me please


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"I don't speak English, so I am using google translate to make this post."
I can no longer land my mining vessel on my vessel, a red shield prevents me ...

Anyone have the solution to remove this shield ???
Thank you

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7 hours ago, Freemans said:

Hello, thank you for the hint, I'm looking for the place where I can add the permission to the pilot the right of berthing ... "the pilot has the necessary" Right to dock "permission." Thank you


You need to give the pilot permission using the R.D.M.S.  (Rights and Duties Management System).  There is an in game tutorial that will explain this better then i can here, it is a bit complicated.


On the RDMS tab (F7), you need to create a "Policy".  Then you need to add an "Actor", that is the pilot you want to give permission to.  Then add a "Right" to the policy, "Dock Construct". And finally you need to add a "Tag" to the policy, and then Save & Close the tab.  And then you will need to add that same Tag to the construct by right clicking the construct, Construct > Advanced > Set Construct rights, and find the Tag you created in the dropdown list and add it, then Save and Close.


You might need to log out and back in for the Policy to take effect also.

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13 minutes ago, realMod said:

For me the interesting part is this:


"I can no longer land my mining vessel on my vessel"


So this RDMS setup needs to be done even if both vessels / cores are belong to us him?





That is weird.


I think you should be able to dock without any permissions if you own both ships.


When you try to Dock i think you need to hit ALT-T to initiate the docking.  Did you try that?



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Hello thank you for your answers, indeed, it would have been logical not to have this system of control on the objects which belong to us ... Soon, to play a game, you will need a BAC +10 in programming ... it becomes anything ... Personally, I only ask for one thing ... to relax when I come home from work ... and there, I wasted 48 hours trying to play with a game that changes the rules too often ... Dual universe will still lose players .... I can feel it ...

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