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Without AvA/CvA gameplay, fall damage or any sort off survival mechanics, the whole idea of Asteroids being "PVP magnets" is silly. At best pirates will "camp" asteroids and while doing so are easily detected from great distance.7410


  • Pack a small static construct in inventory
  • Hitch a ride on a small, fast accelerating ship to a scanned asteroid. Do not even have to land, just jump off and jetpack to the asteroid (you could just jetpack/slowboat to the asteroid from a safe zone actually)
  • Dig a hole and set up the small Static construct with pretty much just some storage
  • Mine
  • Bring in ship just big enough to carry ore back
  • transport ore to ship
  • Pack up base and transport to ship
  • leave


Unless an underground static core construct can be attacked from space, there is nothing anyone can do to you while you mine. and you just wait for the traffic to clear before you call in your alt/buddy with the transporter.


Now obviously, NQ will nerf linked container range into the ground not to long from now to stop players from just pulling ore into a ship from 2K away.. prepare linked container range to go down to as little as 500 meters or less.

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On 7/23/2021 at 9:49 AM, DrDerp said:

I think it is still quite a stretch before I would call it a release quality game.


I am afraid i have to agree with this :D 

but it is what it is ^^



Habitants Organization

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