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While obviously a done deal, I think it is not a good one. Using a cloud service like GeForce bring a number of restrictions which will show to be coming back to bite NQ..


Long stints in game are not an option.. Game sessions are limited to 1 hour for free accounts and 6 hours for premium.. So you better not plan on anything that will take more than 6 hours as you risk getting logged off and possible not being able to get back in if no servers are available.


In a long battle or siege after a day of planning and setting up, some of your fleet may suddenly log of and not get back.


The choice for GeForce Now baffles me, it makes no sense and also it pretty much erases the already rather weak excuses made around the game not starting on Shadow. It  is not impossible that, in order to get on to GeForce Now, NQ had to block DU from running on other streaming platforms (not unheard of and there are documented cases with other games). So the whole sudden crashing on Shadow may well be intended and for purpose. At least it shows us the whole "not really meant to be run on a VM" excuse was just that and seeing this upcoming addition to Geforce Now really puts what NQ said on that in a rather shady light IMO.


I already see the support answers around  performance .. "Well I'd suggest you try the game on GeForce Now as that service runs on hardware well suited to play DU"

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