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Would it be okay to roleplay as an alien instead of a human in this game?


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On 4/27/2021 at 10:00 AM, NQ-Naerais said:

You can roleplay anything you like :) What other players accept will be up to them. 

Per lore, only humans are here... but who knows what's under that helmet? 


Make what you will, it's your world too! 

I want to roleplay mining an asteroid, but I need an asteroid to do that in pvp space with ore inside. Is that coming anytime soon?

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I want to roleplay a manager running a huge factory, but have to settle for a medium one as I can’t afford the schematics for a huge one.


Maybe if I find FP’s asteroid and it’s full with gold I’ll be able to 😃


But if you keep working on it I’ll probably keep playing on it. 


As for roleplay, my toon would like more items for his apartment!

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