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Spanish Option - Game Translating

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 Hello, we talk with us Org and another spanish ORGS, and it will be amazing to have the game in spanish, for first and fundamental idea, DU go have too many spanish players playing if the game have spanish Option!.

  If NQ needs help translating to spanish, we can help. Du have ingame 2 important gaming orgs (spanish) playing, and we are able to help with translating. Don't make the same mistake like CCP with EVE online, they negate us the game in spanish all time and that makes condition to us, always be a minority or very tiny Corps (orgs here).


Best Regards - Lt Klap - FWS ORG -



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it's a big barrier entry barrier and would love to help out! Like Klap we are also part of an all Spanish speaking org and would really want to help with this. It's a 400 Million people market, 2nd most spoken language in the world....that's a big chunk of a player base that could be added to the game. 



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NQ, Spanish speaking people are a huge language majority in the world, 580milion people speak it worldwide and probably you have 500-1000 players who have overtime checked out your game who either speak spanish and other languages but spanish is their main, or only speak Spanish, you also have other major languages not supported like Russian, probably japanese and there are others that speak XYZ that need a localization. 


thank you,


ELX, BOO guy

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