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What would it take for you to come back?

What would it take to get you to come back?  

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  1. 1. Please select all choices you need to see before your willing to return to the game (or stay for much longer if your still playing)

    • Wipe of everything except talent points and blueprints - goal is to cleanse the game from pervious exploits and level set those that profited from them
    • Remove all bots from the game, except perhaps for Tier 1 ore purchase
    • Reset planets to reset ore, perhaps adjust ratios of Tiers so that T5 isn't 125 times as hard as T2 (JC mentioned 5X, not sure if that was the final number)
    • Have a player driven economy (except for T1 bots). All schematics and other items must be creatable by players (for instance via research)
    • Remove schematics, or make them a trivial cost. 841M for a warp beacon schematic, when warp beacons sell for 265m (and cost more than that to make) is just silly
    • Limit PVP back to a sphere in space where those that want to can, and those that don't can just avoid that sphere - at least for now
    • Somehow balance PVP, cargo ships need shields or radar-blocking or something if PVP is not limited to a PVP sphere
    • Revert to procedural planet production and populate the galaxy - pull Galaxy back into the beta timeline along with Stargates and other supporting technology
    • Fix tech to reflect a society that can launch an arc ship. e.g. Fusion engines, not rocket boosters. Reference Firefly or The Expanse for basic in-solar-system travel
    • Fix market tech. If your going to prepopulate markets across the planets, allow us to buy anywhere with perhaps a shipping cost, or delivery time delay
    • Fix known bugs before adding new features - bugs are more important than adding new emotes
    • Provide a functional, timely (less than 24 hour turn around), support system. A 2 hour response target is reasonable, 7X24. Some stuck due to a bug on Friday shouldn't have to wait until Monday
    • Upgrade ticketing system to automatically prune and attach log files, capture screen shots, run a dxdiag, and gather related information. Goal is to hit a button when a bug occurs and gather info real time
    • Bring back GMs - they are the face of the company
    • Be honest about changes and why they are needed (eg. Things that are unpleasant but that increase your operating cost - like generic HTML on screens did)
    • Engage the player base and not just with lip service - take polls, get feedback - before you code, much less implement, game changers (ex: Schematics)
    • Implement a cash shop so you stop struggling financially. Cosmetic only of course. We want to help and will buy things to do so.
    • Read Tynan Sylvester's "Designing Games: A Guide to Engineering Experiences" and make the game fun and emotionally rewarding again. Make reading it a required for JC and his reports.

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