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Making it Harder for Individual Players, Forcing Interdependencies Through Arbitrary Mechanics & The Overall Condescending Presumption That Comes With it Won't Kickstart "Civilization" - Stop This Top-Down Approach on Forcing Civilizations to Materialize

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Let it sprout organically


Civilizations won't exist or sprout just because you practically force players to specialize, the reason it happens in the real world is because people NEED to, they don't want to do that in games, that they pay a subscription for nonetheless, to even presume people would is condescending to your playerbase


Let the pace of the game be viable for individual players to achieve things they would normally expect to achieve by playing solo, then the civilizations would sprout up by people who decide to come together and make even greater things


Interdependencies will still happen organically from people being better at or enjoying doing certain things than others, you don't have to put game mechanics which arbitrarily make it harder for everyone to do those things


Here's how a lot of people feel about the update from my recording during the AMA, and my input as well;



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19 hours ago, Mordgier said:

.. where JC ignored all the hard questions.


As usual. I even asked before the Q&A specifically if JC would tackle some of the hard questions this time. But was promptly ignored.

So let's call them what they really are since they are more 'show and tell' then Q&A's.

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