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There are no ways to make a good ship (pve)


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8 hours ago, Endstar said:

A lot of good points here. One root cause many are overlooking is the fact you really should not be flying battleships solo nor having a mining ship that can handle millions of liters of ore. There would be no wall of engines or stacked elements if there were some limiting factor to stop me from trying to see just how many large engines I can fit on the backend of an L Core build box. 

And the answer is? I need a Big hauler ?

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Which of course translates to:  "Don't even think about playing this game solo... its only for those wanting to join a corporation and be its slave or to recruit all your friends and try and make them slaves".  Stupid premise.


Hmmm... the above didn't get posted earlier.  Trying again.


The answer is "Wait for a wipe and a hopeful change in rules.  That or become a corporate slave.  Currently solo players are just fodder for the griefers."

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On 12/12/2020 at 8:09 PM, Pleione said:

I'm finding the PVP aspect extremely limiting to my PVE ship.


If I build a ship JUST for safe space its built out of carbon nanofibre (looks good, makes RL sense) and basically consist of engines , moderate fuel tanks, and cargo bays, as expected.


If I want to factor in surviving being ganked in most of the solar system I have to:

     1)  Build from steel (adds mass:  e.g.  More engines, more fuel, both of which add more mass)

     2)  Build a gold cage around my core and pilot set (adds mass)

     3)  Equip with decent weapons just so that the ship LOOKS like it might fight back (adds mass, huge expense, and if I want to actually defend, a huge number of talent points)

     4)  Invest in an entire tree of talent points to boost the HP of my ship

     5)  Wrap cargo containers and other critical items in air-gapped shielding (adds mass, seriously increases frontal cross-section, meaning more wings, more engines, more fuel, etc.)

     6)  Somehow design this massive beast so that I can go from 0 to 29999 within the safe zone of a planet, and stop in that same range.


     A) Add a warp drive (only available mid-game) and buy warp cores (can't afford, and with 0.23 can't make until end-game)

     B ) Never EVER make a mistake like going to the bathroom when approaching a planet and overshoot the safe zone


PVE's need a defensive option:  Something like radar jamming which decreases a PVPers range by 90% (perhaps skill based)


I want to get back to building slick looking ships, not having to build a tank to survive.

i fly a plastik ship around , never bin shot , i go pee when i whant , just be smarter in your travels m8 i go where i whant  to go  and never seen anyone , but if you go straight from a to b then i understand you , dont do that , oke wil take bit longer but i take the long trip safe over short and getting ganked, , i know some day my luck will be gone , i always think today i can lose my ship, but then i build a other one and make a other route and see how long it takes againe to get shot, i never lost a ship or gargo , you get where ever you whant to be with only a bit of smarter traveling , strong ship wont keep you alive if you fly it like a headless chicken :) 

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Make it so similar parts have stacking debuffs in their effectiveness. Could be done in two ways: # of the item in a certain proximity and # of the item on the entire ship.


For example - All those stabilizers, you would get penalized after a certain amount for them being one on top of the other and another penality for having so many on the ship.


This plus the op's suggestions would be ideal.

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