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Do the kickstarter gold packs come with a beta key?  I have a friend in Argentina who is having issues paying for a supporter pack.  It won't accept his card or a paypal payment.  I'm wondering if I can give my beta key to him?  I think I have one, but not sure where to find it.

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Edit: In case others stumble upon this thread, see Dhara's response below. FAQ appears to be out of date.




While Gold Packs are equivalent to Sponsor Packs, I don’t believe they’ll include Beta Keys.


Basically, we decided to upgrade founder pledges with supporter rewards except:

  • DACs from Supporter Packs
  • Beta Keys from Supporter Packs
  • In-game and forum titles from Supporter Packs
  • Name in credits as a Supporter backer
  • T-Shirt from Patron Pack.”




Edited by Xugo
More recent announcement says previous backers will get beta key(s)
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They haven't sent out beta keys yet anyway, so your friend would most likely miss this test, and have to wait until Beta starts.


I just hope NQ sends out the keys at least a day or two before Beta starts. We don't need people scrambling on the morning of to get things set up, and downloaded/installed. :P

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