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Objective Driveyards leadership recruitment

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Objective Driveyards [ODY] has a particular management structure that forsees to regularly replace members in management and leadership roles to keep up a quality standard, lessen stress on individuals selected for these roles and ensure the corresponding activites to be handled sufficiently and regularly developed further. In an evolving world and community like Dual Universe, you need to stay dynamic and adapt to situations at hand.
Due to the restrictions with real life and the natural process of varying interest and motivation in a single game for most players, the vast majority of leadership roles in ODY are temporary.

The active line-up of ODY members can't always fill these management roles to a satisfactory degree.  For this reason, we are opening the positions in question up to people from outside our corporate-state. This means that you can be recruited into ODY and put into a leadership position right away - for many people, exactly what they want and for us an opportunity to expand our roster of talented and dedicated individuals. 

What you should know about Objective Driveyards



Objective Driveyards is the title for the collective that inhabits a sovereign territory simply known as "The corporate state" and thus, our structure is a unique mix of a nation and a corporation. We see ourselves as a technocratic political entity with an oligarchic leadership and a mindset focused on quality and dedication. We have high aims and are well aware of the enourmous potential it takes to reach them in DU's environment with many talented competitors. Yet ODY always aims to form the premier industry of Dual Universe.

We are a true neutral organisation with a focus on industrial and ship development, but we try to provide fun and enjoyable experiences in almost any field of Dual Universe to our members. As such, PvP in our Navy, marketing and trading, exploration and programming, architectural development and resource acquisition and training are all big parts of ODY. Where regular states finance themselves with taxation for instance, the corporate state of ODY requires different means to increase its capital as every citizen is also an employee of a branch and paid according to their accomplishments. ODY finances itself mainly by being a service provider: Everything ODY does to build up its industry, we also market to contractors and on the open market by principle.



Every branch is responsible for one major part of ODY: R&D, Industry and Military. Each of the branches are treated as individual corporations within the corporate-state and consists of four so called divisions. Every division covers one field of gameplay of Dual Universe and internal operations. It is these divisions that ODY is recruiting leadership personell for.

For more information, you can check our community portal page and website

What requirements do we have for leadership recruitment?


What should be noted first is that ODY does not have any kind of minimum activity requirements. We are a mature community with the vast majority of members often busy with family life, jobs or other hobbies and passions. And we respect that. Nonetheless, a regular activity in ODY is a basic requirement to fulfill your new duties sufficiently.

Unlike regular members, multi-organization membership is only allowed in (rare) exceptions for members in leadership positions.

If you are interested in a leadership position, you will need to be recruited into the corresponding branch first. This means next to a written application, we will also have a voice interview to get an impression of you and how well you fit in ODY as well as the position you are applying for. The two branch leaders decide whether to approve or reject you.

Applying for a position means dedicating yourself towards it. It will be your main focus, supported by the members of your division and the branch leaders. But things in life change, and that's alright. We recruit members into leadership positions for 6 months so you should know yourself if you want to make that commitment. Naturally, you can always step down should there be an unforseen change for you or the motivation absolutely leaves you. And just as much, you can also choose to go on even further after those 6 months.

Naturally, if you are applying for a position at an early stage of the game, you will also need to have access to the game.

What we offer you



You will be playing in an enjoyable environment with an active, mature and like-minded community. While we are trying to organize ourselves professionally, we do not forget what fun is and enjoyment will always be our main priority. 

Division heads are encouraged to structure their division themselves. You get to decide how to work in your job, just as it is you responsibility to organize the necessary activities as fun as possible for the other members. Every division head has administrator access to the ODY management board, our own web-hosted management application. You can create your own activities, recruit members for them and we'll create and provide the tools you need for it. It makes your work fun and easy and ensures you can cooperate perfectly with the other division heads. 




Where members are payed based on the tasks they are doing, division heads receive an in-game salary, meaning you'll earn a set but generous amount of quanta as long as you fulfill your duties. It's difficult to measure just how much you are doing for ODY, but we want to reward everybody based on merit nonetheless. Your salary stacks with a certain value that increases based on your activity, so the more you do, the higher your salary will be permanently so you can finance your in-game hobbies and personal projects. But there's more reward systems in ODY. 


Currently available positions

You can apply to the following positions:


Objective Dynamics: Head of the Design Academy


Also called Head of Training (R&D). A unique role in which you are tasked with giving new members of Objective Dynamics an introduction to ODY and certify members in different fields such as Voxel Manipulation or Virtual Systems
You prepare new members for their future activities in ODY or expand their knowledges to show them how it's done the ODY-way and become an expert of your branch. You are always up-do-date with the latest developments, you know the guys working on new ships and you are there to give advice to new, but also to senior members. As an expert of the branch yourself, you are an essental person to gather feedback from.


- Develop and refine an uniform introduction process to ODY and your branch together with the Head Trainers of Industry and Navy
- Teach new members about the detailed specifications of their work in ODY: Explain the structure to them, how the game works, where and how to reach ODY facilities, where they can get resources for their work and how they sign up for spcific tasks
- Develop and refine a training course for ODY's certification process in which other members are being taught about specific mechanics and processes of the game and ODY. Run these courses yourself or train other members to hold them. Award finished training courses with certificates.

- Inform yourself about current developments in your branch and provide feedback. Integrate them into your training courses and lend a helping hand in branch activities.
- Advise other members on how to approach issues, coordinate solutions to problems with them or recommend teams and processes.

Your profile
- You have interest in understanding game mechanics thoroughly, especially concerning voxel behaviour and LUA scripting and you have gathered first experiences with it
- You are a social person and have no problems engaging with strangers
- You enjoy creative thinking, tinkering on solutions and processes and interacting with other people

How to apply

As you need to be recruited into ODY first, the regular recruitment process applies. Send us a written application on our website and join our Discord server and we'll move from there.
Naturally, you can contact us at any point before that. Ask your questions in the topic, as personal message on the forums or on Discord. We'd love to have a chat with you.




This post is updated regularly
Last update: 14th February 2019

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We have a new position available for recruitment. The OP has been updated accordingly. 

Objective Dynamics: Head of Exploration


Objective Driveyards is very interested in the field of exploration in different aspects. The Head of Exploration organizes the exploration missions by overseeing ship construction, selecting crew members, planning destinations, stops and routes, setting goals and managing resources. During longer exploration missions, ones to the outer planets of the system or completely new systems for example, the Head of Exploration is also tasked with establishing first outposts and becoming largely self-sufficient until the industrial fleet arrives to set up. But exploration doesn't happen just long-range, sometimes you want to know what's right in front of your door. During "social exploration" you scout for player hotspots, such as cities, markets, space stations and player bases, establish contact, revisit the locations regularly and track changes and progress of these hotspots so the corporate-state knows where economically advances areas are located.

- Overseeing construction of exploration vessels

- Planning of exploration missions to other celestial bodies
- Setting up completely new bases and reaching a self-sustainable status
- Coordinating regular scouting of known locations
- Documenting and archiving progress of infrastructure on the ODY Management Board
- Getting into contact with other organizations and territory owners

Your profile
- You have interest in extensive planning and long-tem management
- You are a social person and have no problems engaging with strangers
- You like thinking systematically
- You have no problems working isolated and independent from a larger group
- You enjoy the thought of being around the majr group you belong to only a limited amount of time

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We have received multiple applications and the spot for Head of Exploration has been reserved until we have interviewed all applicants. The OP has been updated accordingly.

Additionally, thanks to everyone who has sent in their supportive messages on the forums and Discord. We were pleasantly surprised to see this kind of encouragement from members of every corner of the DU community. ??

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