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"Reserve Your Name" -- How to?

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Bought the Patron pack a few moments ago, and looking for information on how to "Reserve Your Name".


Searched, but found nothing.


 Can someone point me in the right direction? 

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Email them using the email that you used to buy the Patron Pack.

Email support@dualthegame.com stating that you are qualified for 1 Name Reservation and want to reserve a chosen in-game name (and do state that name). They will get back to you with a reply and it won't take them many business days to respond back (with me, they responded back within the next day).


I am planning to buy the Patron Pack using this same Account before the offer is gone (and I already backed the game before as a Founder), which again, will make me be qualified for another Name Reservation on the same Account, in which I will have to email them again after the purchase. That purchase is not made yet, but it is my plan for later on. That is how you reserve a name after a purchase.

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