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Haven Feed is a service by Luminous available to all visitors of Haven! Ever wanted a feed of DU content in your discord server? well, look no further! Haven Feed is the perfect way to keep up with the latest and greatest DU content from your favorite outlets while also keeping your discord up to date with official DU tweets and videos. Haven Feed is a free service that utilizes discord webhooks to beam updates straight to your server, no bots required! Simply follow the guide below and you should be all set in minutes. It's as easy as typing one bot command!


Before we get started there are a few things to note.

  • The service is not guaranteed during discord outages.
  • Each person can only have ONE webhook, running the command again will override it.
  • Leaving the server will stop Haven Feed from working on the webhook you've set up.
  • This service is offered free of charge to anyone and everyone.
  • No bots need to be added to your server.
  • The list of what the feed contains is in the #info channel in the Haven discord found here.



  1. Create a webhook on your server and copy the link to it. If you're not familiar with creating webhooks, follow the guide here.
  2. Navigate to the Haven discord found here.
  3. Run `havenfeed in the #terminal channel on the server.
  4. Follow the instructions posted by Jim, the discord bot in the server.
  5. If you've done everything correctly you should see a confirmation message sent to the webhook.

If you require further assistance feel free to contact any of the Haven admins.




Twitter Example:



YouTube Example:




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