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Active designer wannabe and friendly neighbour inside.

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Hi everyone,


I've been in here for a while now but never really introduced myself yet. My real name is Sander. Some of you know me by Sander496 or my usual in-game name Serula. Im currently 36 years old and single ;) and I work as a software developer for a company that makes software for hospitals. I do all this from Amsterdam in the Netherlands but I live in a small city near Amsterdam.


I'm an early backer of DU because I really enjoy creative games, games where you can explore and do all that with friends and cooperate with them. I will mostly be trying to create nice looking things both buildings and ships and to a lesser degree ships that are efficient. And I'm mostly trying to get that stuff done before the real artists start to get their hands on DU :P When it comes to PVP im a defender. I don't like to steal or destroy other peoples stuff so instead I'll focus on designing defensible structures when needed. My ultimate goal is to get as many people to use my designs as possible.


This outpost is the first thing I made in DU and definitely not the last.



Prior to DU I played games like ARK survival evolved, conan exiles, no man's sky, Dark and Light, Diablo 3, Naval Action, Terra Tech just to name a few. And the most missed game is Landmark, the first and only voxel building game I played. Im currently in 3 orgs The Outfit, Infinity Corporation and Prophet Rocket Foundry with many friends and very good builders I know from Landmark.


If you like to know more you can always pm me or follow me on my twitter @Sander496.


Have fun and see you guys and gals in DU o/

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welcome again and have alot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Veel plezier en ik zie je zeker vaker rondhupsen!!!! kom gerust op visite op Tranquility :)


Greetz Aaron

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