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I must admit this game/mmo/simulator only appeared on my radar two days ago.  Since then I am consuming all I can.  I will be signing up for the gold this evening.


I have a vast background of MMO experiences spreading across multiple "stylized" genres over 20+ years. I have been a part of server/continent firsts, I have played with 2 friends and achieved nothing, but I have always pushed myself and those around to have fun.  I have been hardcore and I have been relaxed.  I played Frontier Elite II on an Amiga back in the day, I was interested in Dangerous, but some aspects of that turned me off so I never invested the time.


The experience this game is going to represent will be something I have not been able to experience before, voxel and construction gaming.


As an individual who grew up building spaceships with lego and watching every scrap of sci-fi I could, this excites me.

As an individual who hears JC mention Ready Player One in interviews, this intrigues me.

As an individual who understands politics, governance, and leadership within an MMO is just as important as a statistic, this game makes me drool!


I am hoping that the building aspects of this platform are balanced enough that someone who does not have this as background can hit the ground running and can enjoy a learning curve that reflects a natural growth.


I look forward to engaging with all of my fellow persons who feel the same.


Thank you,


Founder of Mycenae

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