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Pledge for entire alpha phase and beta phase?

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If I want to be a part of the entire alpha tests, 1 and 2, plus betas, what do I do?
I have access right now to the pre alpha.

I have a Gold Founder investment, is that enough or do I need more?
Looking forward to kind inputs.

Thanks community.

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Well .....yes? 

See Kickstarter

Alpha plus Beta.


Plus it wouldn't make much sense to sell access for different stages with different pledges.....


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On 27.5.2018 at 4:08 PM, AcedBit said:

Thanks, good to know :)

Generally you always will have the following acess rights too.

So if you buy into Alpha, you can play Beta too.


As rule of thumb for any developeing game out there.

Sometimes they might cut poeple off the server after an big update and let people in perodically in waves.

But that has something to do with allooott of many fact.s

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