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The Arkship Arkand

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Hey there. I know I butchered the comments section, but this is my first fan fiction. Saying that, I still want your honest opinions on the story, no matter how harsh. I completed the prologue. I'm gonna seperate this story into 5 parts, these five parts being no longer than your average short story. These five parts will be uplladed as soon as I finish them. Here's the prologe: 



Before the launch of the Arkship named Arkand, unbeknown to the Novark data files, a designated human captain was assigned out of paranoia that the A.I. onboard would steer the Arkship towards a collision with a black hole, star, or a planet, along with a system to decide the next captain after the first captain died. The way that the Captains were chosen throughout the course of the trip was by a process of elimination, weeding out the smartest and most capable people onboard, in the event that a planetary body was discovered that could have the potential to harbor human life. In the event that a habitable planet was discovered, the Captains were the first ones out of the Arkship to scout out the planets and the rest of the star system that the planets reside in. As a bonus, the Captain is able to name the planets in the surrounding system, since the Captain would be the first person to discover the planet. When the Captain has finished exploring the star system and surrounding planets, the Captain returns to the Arkship with the data gathered from the expedition, which allows the onboard A.I. to create the simulations for the Alpha Team. With the data gathered from the Alpha Team simulations, the A.I. then creates the simulations for the Beta Team. By the time that the Alpha Team simulations have been completed, which will most likely take a few years, the Captain, depending on their time of awakening and age upon departure, will be dead or close to dying. This process is exclusive to the Arkand, and there are many other methods used by other Arkships in the event that a planet is found that could sutain human life.


With the discovery of new planets, there also comes with it the danger of the native life. Predators roam the planet, searching for their next meal, and have not yet begun to fear humanity and place humans at the top of the food chain. Foreign microbes reside everywhere, and any one of these microbes can be dangerous. Some of these microbes can do horrible things to the human body, such as take control of the mind and induce an uncontrollable rage that can only be satisfied by taking other human life. The possibilities are endless. But, for now, there is no worry of these creatures, just the hope that humanity will have a new home. 



Part I: The Arkship Arkand - Google Docs.pdf

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37 minutes ago, Dr_Rhino55 said:

Hey there. One question: when the guidelines mention no alien creatures, did they mean non-sentient, plant, or microbial creatures? 

I think they were referring to sentient aliens; however animals of some type I believe will make appearances as development rolls on.

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