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Prologue, The Arkship Arkand
Before the departure of the Arkships, a designated human Captain was appointed to make sure that the AI onboard each of the Arkships did not find a way to defy its orders, an appointment which would cost the human his/her life due to aging. Once a former captain died, a new captain was chosen through an algorithm designed to choose a name from the database of everyone onboard. When a name was chosen, the person was awoken from their cryosleep and implemented with all of the knowledge of the inner Arkship workings. 
The creators of the AI thought it would be best to include a line of code in the AI's programming that allowed the AI to take over all of the Arkship's essential functions in a time of crisis. The Arkship Arkand is no exception. Its AI, named Osias, had this line of code implemented near or at the time of departure. This was true for the other Arkship (the Novark's Aphelia was exempt from this line of code for an unknown reason), who's data was lost due to a corrupted file. Over the Novark's travels, the data of the Arkand was also lost in a corrupted file. The last transmission from the Arkand was on April 27th, 2754. The transmission reads: "I see you." 
Edited by Dr_Rhino55
I need to edit the story fully before it is ready for public reading, so it is down for now. Expect it back up by later this year. Also edited for grammar and logic.
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14 minutes ago, Dr_Rhino55 said:

Should I continue this story? I really like the concept, and have already come up with a bunch of ideas for this. 

Sure why not

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