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Import .jpg or .png files in DU


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I would like to known if it will be possible to import ".jpg" or ".png" files in DU.

i mean :

For example : i want my own flag with my logo,  can i import it from my pc to merge it with the flag ?

For example : If i want to build a museum with master painting on walls, same question : will it be possible to import great painter's pictures to decorate walls ?

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I think that may come later on because art isn’t exactly priority. But as we saw in one of the dev updates, you can upload logos and other stuff of the screens using lua script. So I imagine it would be possible to do that later. 

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I expect they will do this only through LUA scripts. Allowing file uploads into the game itself is a can'o'worms they probably would rather avoid. 


However allowing you to project an image/video via LUA scripts, that would be an interesting idea. I know there is some limits already (based on local copy of scripts/etc). At a minimum it would be nifty to be able to brand your ships/empire with logos.

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