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  1. 1 Liter = 1 dm3 > For the barter system, could NQ create a button "for free" , it will be easier to give a friend some stuff without having a "trade sequence". Actually, we must share a container via permission list...
  2. discordauth:xGQ0FXHQ58-PqgqZoCuO7y-aG5IGnsht2_k4bQgNwyE=

  3. You can imagine that a ship arriving close to a civil core with amo in cargo will switch the core's status in military...when ship will leave, the building will come back to civil status. no trap...it will be clear for all radars. For the respawn, it's a "wait and see" . Let's see what NQ will decide. For the safe zone, if it will be only Alioth... no interest for a game with "space scale", if it's one on each planet, why not.. The main idea behind this post is that NQ will must have a serious system to provide a game with the main goal = "rebuild a civilisation" into a "World of bunker" We can not rebuild with destroyers.
  4. Hi Imagine a team who doesnt want wars or fights, just to build. If you create a beautifuf and complex building like a Palace/castle , it will be so much pain to see this creation totaly wiped out by an attak came from an other team. I know that many players will say "it s the game" but there is a big problem behind this for NQ... In that case , the player's reflex will be to construct in "bunker style" and the game will be totaly awfull to see because all players will construct quickly because it will be low cost to rebuild. In this perspective, the game will be awful, bunker every where.. So , will it be possible to declare a STATIC CORE in a status like "CIVIL", so it will be impossible to connect military elements on it. If a team decide to attak and destroy it, it will be punish by NQ or another system ..just imagine it. Other cores could be declared MILITARY CORE and could be attaked. That solution will give place to great creations, that it will be profitable in the game's development, otherwise, i'm afraid that DUAL will become a bunker's land area.
  5. You can also imagine spy satellite ( with a lua program inside ) to take picture at a point defined when warfare will be implemented. ____________ But it seems that lua program doesn t work in a device when it is far away from the owner-player. Maybe in the futur of DUAL, this will be possible.
  6. Would it be possible to have thrust reversal in game, for atmo and maybe space engine too. Thrust reversal = no devices to add on your ship so > weight saving + nice to see in action.
  7. Tango_Lima


    Biome could have another goal : Host differents BIOMES, ( that it is impossible in the void of space for example ) You can not have trees or plants on an asteroid. You could creat "oasis" and to farm food. Of course you could create a cube with big windows, but the biome's shape sounds better for me.
  8. Tango_Lima


    Because it will take very long time to build it due to the "dome shape" itself - How to follow the perfect shape .. it will be a nightmare with voxel tool. My idea it closer than a "package" with all elements like a puzzle box with all pieces inside. Some player could become designer an industrial man in the game to product and sell such product.. You could buy a "dome box" with all elements inside like a kit. You could have transparent dome or concrete dome or whatever else...
  9. Tango_Lima


    To NQ >> Will it be possible to have DOME like this, but many differents size + tunnels to join them - On no-earth-like planet or asteroids , without green vegetation and blue sky, i will depress.
  10. Hi, Air, Space, Land, ok these are places for adventure but, for me, there is a lack : the Sea I mean, if a team wants to give huge ressources to another one.. you must declare permissions on the very tiny 128 m3 container. 1 / In my idea, it will be possible to build huge ship like tanker or container ship, the bigger interest is to ship a huge volume of material with a small engine...( like in reality where a tanker uses a very small engine if you compare it to the global mass of the ship ). In this case, the tanker could be declared like a vaste container ! ( For a builder like me, 128 m3 it's just a joke....) You could send a ship close to the shore and declare it like a primay container ...Then, build a town or a base or harbor will be made easier. 2 / Second interest : have an another surface for adventure, you need to protect a fleet for example, just like the Navy ! ( On the oceans, the territory hexagons must be removed...a the planet will must be bigger ) 3 / Third interst : low fuel to move huge masses like a tanker in reality.
  11. not only that, it's the huge perspective for the game play > factories and transformation with energy > it could be a big chapter in Dual
  12. It will be great to have many ORE, i mean : ORE like we are mining now with 1 m3 = 1 m3 ORE but there is something more intresting : ore with a % of mineral inside, so on a planet, we could find ORE or MINERAL (=naked eyes like gold nuggets ) In that cases, player had to build plant/factory to process/refine ORE , sometimes it will be 0.05 % of Tungsten per 1 m3 and sometimes, player could find 1.25 % per 1 m3 or more.- DETECTOR 2.0 ??? For the game, it could be a big perspective for "Mining" ORE+FACTORY / INFRASTRUCTURE and not just an hand action. MINING 2.0 :
  13. i just need dynamit to dig big holes..
  14. I really want to know if the final released of the game will mean total reset for all players ? ( ...and territory unit )
  15. Hi, When i see this pet's walk, it's look like old school, i mean the beginnig of industrial age in Great Britain. ( The robot is great !! ) It's incompatible with the period time of Dual Universe ( just my opinion ) I would like to see a walk closer that a Tarentula, with a creepy and smother movement in legs.
  16. Indeed Felonu, these video came from the twitter of the Boss ( = JC Baillie ) , they are public.
  17. Take a look to the JC Baillie's video and take a look to the clouds, there are totaly differents to the actualy clouds in Dual : Same for sounds and visual effects for engine in this one, we haven't these ones yet in Dual.
  18. Tango_Lima


    I don t know yet DICE but what i mean is a real gambling-system inside Dual . Of course any player can create a slot machine but without rules for all players in DUAL, this player can steal anyone with his own refund-rules... In Las Vegas, the refund is 94% of all money played by visitors, the casino can keep 6 % an no more - We need an equal gambling system like a gambling-core-unit maybe and the rules will written by NQ for all players. It's more than circuit or a race, i mean slot machine and others....This chapter must be written After that, like Las Vegas, the biggest structures could attract more visitors !
  19. Tango_Lima


    For players who don't care about guns, death, amo, and stuff like that... maybe a place for entertainments will be interesting to build. My idea is Casino, a place where you can bet Dual's money or materials like gold coins etc.. For the player ( or team ) who will decide to build a Casino....and many others, the place will had to be an insane place ! It's a big challenge !! ( to NQ : please give neon ! ) We need a total system to bet and win or lose all stuff, money, materials,coins..etc..
  20. upcoming Supporter packs ? See new teaser from JC Baillie : https://twitter.com/jcbaillie
  21. The DUAL 's graphic engine is : UNIGINE 2 That DUAL can reach is that : https://sim.unigine.com/ They don 't push the engine because they decided to focus the servers first, when all will be ok, they will push the limits, at this moment, DUAL is in his stone age....
  22. Magicians, in our real world, seem to play with physics laws, but it's an illusion. What DU can't do with physics behaviors, maybe illusions could reach the same goals. DU can use "magic trips' to simulate a real physics ! DU had to hire a magician...
  23. I asked same question, we need a chassis to clip beautiful meshes on it. The blend betweeen Voxel and meshes is to rework.
  24. Hi, There is something i would like to see in DUAL: it's water... Ok i know that JC said it is very complex to simulate water because many physics behaviors will ruin the server. So... In that case, and because i want a swimming pool in my villa and an aquarium too...Will it be possible to create cube with a "water-look-like", only a visual effect but not the physical behaviors inside, just to decorate> it will look like a cube like other cube in alu, brass, carbon fiber etc..but in false water , just to fill my aquarium and my swimming pool... We can imagine too a fountain, just with a animation. In the same way, i need torch, and fire to spend my long winter evenings close to my chimney... FIRE AND WATER !!
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