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  1. Can not wait to see you lot in game. be interesting if the other flying habitat ships enter same air space what trade go on. can I contact you over discord wanted to compare notes from one org to an other (tho not put a registration down yet for my one still working things out)
  2. nice to see my team not be the only ones making a ship design that has a proper habitat area also I be probably buying ore off a lot of traders over time. when in game. be intresting seeing what populations turn out like all over the galaxy we be flying and building.
  3. with some of the designs I been looking at with my team and lua I seen used in mc think using youtube if they alow it adverts could be made to float on tv like screens maybe.
  4. why not have large caves on roids as well not just planets have almost moon sized rocks in space that to small to be a moon but larger than most normal roids in mass.
  5. just reading land train could be a term for this idea over using dedicated rails you could then use solid fix system were the train parts are linked into one. or if docking system could link it modular wise. I not played yet but reading and putting ideas on table to help. hover over the land or maybe a tunnel system were the train travels if there some form of detection system you can have it hover down a pipe and then ignore the walls on its trip have maybe a lua signal thingy if it can be done to stop and start the train when it gets to set stations but this probably beyond me and maybe som
  6. discordauth:4oQYEMoPCS9_xb43RE_ZW7sx4DQz_cGYp5vG0zHLWOk=

  7. hi all finaly got the game now to wait for next play days. hows everyone been and how is everyones mood waiting for next alpha test period
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