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Import .jpg or .png files in DU

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I would like to known if it will be possible to import ".jpg" or ".png" files in DU.

i mean :

For example : i want my own flag with my logo,  can i import it from my pc to merge it with the flag ?

For example : If i want to build a museum with master painting on walls, same question : will it be possible to import great painter's pictures to decorate walls ?

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I expect they will do this only through LUA scripts. Allowing file uploads into the game itself is a can'o'worms they probably would rather avoid. 


However allowing you to project an image/video via LUA scripts, that would be an interesting idea. I know there is some limits already (based on local copy of scripts/etc). At a minimum it would be nifty to be able to brand your ships/empire with logos.

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