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Survey: Stargate Technology  

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  1. 1. Stargate connection technique:

    • Dialing gates individually
    • fixed gate-to-gate connection

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On 9/6/2017 at 3:42 PM, GunDeva said:

Fixed gate-to-gate connection to me seems the best  because tactically its your best option from keeping enemies from instantly dropping a armada at the planet your organization is home based ! To get back the cost or resources your organization could make it free to members and charge a small fee for non-members !


I will not be fighting I prefer the crafting career but I think people maybe forgetting there could be a large tactical aspect of the game for the organizations that will be fighting. 


Star Gates : Will probable be expensive and take rare materials to make not to mention what's keeping enemies from destroying it if you don't maybe have a base there to protect it. Destroying a gate could be devastating, it may slow down or stop a organizations ability to trade , communicate , and travel to that solar system if they don't have a alternate path and if you destroy lets say a neutral owned stargate you could have just made a lot of enemies from the organizations that use that stargate. 


There is still a lot to consider about stargates being used for tactics and commerce but it will probably be a big game changer for most not to mention reducing travel time!

Well this would be too reliant on player run organizations to not kill the game.

On 9/9/2017 at 6:03 AM, Sunrider44 said:


Your idea is basically a dialing-gate model, with an automation on the dialing. That's what a "gate bridge" is, on a network level. It's purpose is to break the range limit.


I don't see why it's unbalanced, as there are numerous ways to restrict a gate access. You can program your gate to refuse access to unfriendly gates for instance. And if not possible to control the access before transportation, you can stop it after: you can make a script to order your gate to close as soon as an unknown ship get through, preventing an entire fleet from getting through. An other solution is the stargate series one: put a way to make impossible to get in when the gate is activated.


The thing is, that a fixed gate is a well known system, that makes people afraid of any new, as usual... And that encourages à military gameplay on all level: because it's not possible to control the device, it moves the strategic control in the surroundings.


The dialing-gate gameplay invites to be interested into the technology behind it, that seems far more better to me. And it does not take away the military perspective, it just changes it. The contrary is not true.


Moreover, is a military who can't adapt to new grounds a good military? I don't think so...


On the other side, as Flow2606 and myself said, fixed gates make difficult for small or new orgs to use the gate potential, because they must use other's gates. And bulding their first gate, if fixed-gate, it will be quite useless. It's more worthy to get in a pre-existing network, like we connect a computer on the internet. So it allows new players to change the tide...


Hey, do you actually know that the internet was created by USA army to keep their communication working after a nuclear strike?


And why? because a classical com network, based on a hub center is easily destroyed in one strike...My, My, Poor large scale military strategy...


Finally, why a fixed-gate network is efficient in games? Because they are impossible to shut down and put in place by devs in a fair way (to make their game possible to play and interesting). As far as I saw, I have serious doubts that players will make a fair fixed-gates grid. They will rather make a big gate hub around their main fleet or capital planet or station, or one gate away, because it's the most efficient way to proceed with (expensive) fixed gates.

Sounds like you are just advocating for what Eve already has in place.

On 9/9/2017 at 10:12 AM, Meumera said:


I have nothing against the control of a Gate, on the contrary, I understand perfectly the tactical and economic stakes (if I ever have the opportunity, I would benefit (although, I'm too nice for that) .
What I find unbalanced is how to control the Doors.


The system RDMS right system is Passive.
Those who create the door are won, they have all the powers and it is impossible to remove them (except by destroying the Gate and rebuilding one behind).
This will create a first come, first served system. Once they are wearing them, they just take out their deck chair, drink a coca while the tax is automatically collected. They can even take a nap, since are denied access to their enemies (Tactics and Strategy 0).


While a patrol that monitors the Gate, has an Active system.
We have to organize patrols, volunteers and a sufficient fleet. This can even lead to the creation of a class of special "Guardian" ships, too big for this moved efficiently, but with sufficient firepower to "encouraged" to pay the fee. Otherwise they will also pay for it, from their own ships (KABOUM).
And we are not safe from a surprise attack. In destroying the gatekeepers, attack them will take control. And if they want to keep it, they will have to organize.
Is much more interesting from a point of view tactical and gameplay.

That is why they need to implement a neutral gate for anyone to get access too.

On 9/10/2017 at 12:17 PM, war said:

My 2p:

Gates should work like they do in something like Eve or the x series of games.
My reasoning is two-fold:

  1. It falls in-line with the lore we currently have if a gate was to be put on a pair of existing wormholes rather than something we create and destroy at will
  2. this would allow the number of gates in a system to be controlled by NQ so I don't jump in to a system that's swarming with gates.


Given the job of a Stargate I don't see the value of having hundreds of them in an area, even something like Elite controls exactly where you can jump to by spacing the stars in such a way that your ship can only reach the subset around you.
I also think that over time ... NQ is keen to bring more "emergent" gameplay opportunities so something like mapping the gate system and the security status / alliance of colonies on the ends of gate routes could be a nice new emergent career op.

It also allows for a more natural thought process that the further you travel the more jumps you'd have to do.
This could give ship builders another avenue of interstellar nav systems to build for.

This is the way I see things as well. The dial in feature sounds like a lot of extra work for the developers for little gain in my view. I don't see why they can't just put in neutral gates that were made by the flood, space marines, insert "species" here and allow anyone to use the gates to jump into systems that have a lot of planets nearby. Then have built gates that players can put in, that is connected to another point according to the max distance allowed for the gate, built for organizations to utilize. This prevents people from being forced to rely on player organizations and prevents cheese.


This whole idea of letting players control the gates and main modes of  travel sounds a bit ludicrous. Allow players to create their own separate gates that aren't connected to the main mode of traveling and they can charge or not. It still gives options for emergent game play, but avoids a situation where the abuse can kill the game or the developers later in an expansion or two has to intervene and get crapped on through PR with the griefing. Why put ourselves in a situation where players has to spend a week to drop another gate to a system, just for that organization to find it and blow it up? This sounds like the same idea of asking for a lot of stealth tech to avoid having your territory claim visible. 

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