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The Blue Moon Tavern is now open!


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Welcome to the Blue Moon Tavern. A place to rest, chat, and drink away your woes.
The Blue Moon Tavern is a non-political entity designed as a hangout destination, with light roleplay elements, for the community at large. Everyone is welcome.


A small project I've been working on. The discord server is set like a tavern with a bartender, staff(Soon™), and patrons. The tavern has a job board for people to post any org related request ranging from information to website design. Feel free to join for fun, roleplay, or just to hang.  :)
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A small update on the current state of the tavern :)

The tavern's discord is now in a working state with the addition of our automated bartender, Jim. Jim now serves drinks in the tavern. He also volunteered to serve tables!

Join the tavern today to watch him in action!





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