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Golden Fox Division [GFD]

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The Golden Fox Division is an indipendent elite PVP organization.

Our goal is to become one of the best small-medium sized PVP groups in the game.

We mantain a specific size limit policy to promote high levels of efficiency, coordination and control.


Our focus is combat and anything related or useful for that scope.

This also means that we'll put great effort into ship designing, information gathering and LUA. 


We plan to make deals with larger groups to also take part into large scale conflicts.


We're looking for dedicated players who love PVP and to compete. 

If you're interested feel free to apply now, or PM me for more informations.
Our Discord is for members only (for now)


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In the Golden Fox Division, we look for simple ways to manage, organize, and look after our members to maximize our efficiency. 


At the beginning, there'll be 5 different roles. This may change in the future, depending on our player count we'll adapt accordingly:

-Director: leader of GFD. 

-Officers: they support the director in the managing of GFD. 

-Team Captains: Each of them is responsible for his team, its related assets and the completion of missions entrusted to him. Each team specialize in a different aspect of the game: scouting, combat, logistic.

-Members: Trusted players who have been within the organization for a while. Each of them can be part of 1 or more teams. 

-Recruits: new players, under observation.


Despite the ranks, needed for management reasons, we're always open for discussions and the opinions of our players will be always important to us. 



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GFD will feature a Research Lab to be able to develop high-quality custom designs for a large variety of roles and purposes. We also have partners that will help us on this matter, so that we can focus better on our main job: PVP. 

(Those images are only concepts and ideas that may or may not be built in the game). 




The Research Lab is likely going to be built underground (inside a mountain) and its entrance hidden, in order to mantain an high level of security, especially against spies.




Internally there'll be a large central zone, for testing, designing, building, storage and assets management, with a few tunnels that will lead to strategic exit gates on the tile. On the outer circle, a few service buildings for the scientists.  

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Medium Scout Ship [M-SS 1] Design




The M-SS 1 will accommodate a Scout Team, from 3 to 5 players, and will be equipped for multi-day long range missions.


High-level propulsion engines will let you reach your targets quickly, as well as allow for a quick escape in case of danger,

all while also mantaining very low power consumption thanks to its reduced mass. 

The weaponry system will be basic however the armor will be placed strategically to protect important elements (that is the purpose of the wings).

In addition the small onboard hangar comes equipped with a rover for ground inspections, and some spy drones. 

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Medium Dropship series [M-D X]




The M-D Series consists of a variety of dropships, each tweaked and equipped for different purposes. Each ship would use its speed to quickly deploy troops, ammunitions and equipment in contested areas, while fighter escort drew away enemy fire. Outrunning enemy air cover, it could even get behind enemy lines to assist troop movements that were otherwise cut off from support. This design also has applications for transport contracts for small but valuable cargo.


Weapons and defensive modules will be limited, aswell as the cargo bay, in order to achieve unmatched speed. There'll be both atmospheric and space version.


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Roverbike Claw Model [C-1]


We at Golden Fox Division do not just develop combat vessels. ( even if it would be nice to add a machine gun on top of this, right? )




The C-1 model purpose is to provide each member with basic means of moving from one waypoint to another, quickly and safely. 

A roverbike will be granted freely to everyone.


Hovers usage and its light body keep the power consumption low and the speed high. A few elements will provide basic informations of the surroundings for security purposes and information gathering. This particular model is able to hold up to 2 passengers.

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I didn't use MS Paint, nor those sketches are meant to be detailed and accurate, but to add colour and to help visualize things. This is not an art thread to discuss about the sketches, so please keep it clean. 

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