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Novark Citizen Issue

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Mega Fluffy Bunnies should be the forum title for anyone under 100 posts, embarrass them into posting more.


Hue... If anything, the titles should be removed. Things like post counts, reputations, etc... All those are things I've watched people fight over in terms of who is more superior than who, but then again that could make this forum bland and tasteless...


Hmm, bland and tasteless forum, or people who fight over something that has nothing to do with the game?   :huh:


That said, I really should post more.

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Indeed, at this point most of the stuff going on on this forum, it's just that:


1. pure speculations about things we don't know.

2. random ideas about things we wish to be there but it's hard to say if they make sense because there is way to many things we don't know yet and that brings us back to square 1.


But is fun and who knows out of this rumble maybe some of it triggers NQ to came up with something interesting for us in future implementations.

But I am pretty sure when they read our disputes and arguing with each other they have more info about, they must lol a lot :) 


I only hope we all stay calm and civil about all this because at the end of the day it suppose to be fun. We should focus on bonding more for sure.

This community is creative and vibrant already, no question about that :)

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