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Non Air Based Vehicles.

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the wheel. probably one of the most important inventions ever created. it's used in more things than i would care to count. but i know that one of those things that the wheel is used in. is Cars. vehicles. ground based transport. and so far all the footage I've seen only has images of air based. and I'm not even taking into account the under water tier. I'm hyped for Dual Universe to become what it aims to as much as the next guy. but i would be really disappointed if wheels were left out of the scene. this is a universe. why not make it diverse? i think its a basic element that should be implemented early in development rather than late game.

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Early game will have hover elements so that we can build hovercraft.  In a futuristic setting, it makes more sense to hover technology over the more mundane wheel. But I could be biased against wheels since the last lot I created in Space Engineers ripped my craft apart and decided to attacked me.  I made them stop moving by shooting them. YMMV.

That said wheels might be added later.

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NQ Have mentioned in a dev-blog that they will use hover-craft-like engines for ground-based moving constructs, as actual tire physics on constructs would be too much for the single-shard design to handle.


This makes me sad.  Wheels must be very hard to get right in these types of games.  SE couldn't get them right either.


Trucking tons of ore out of a mine kilometers in the ground with a hovercraft will just have a very fake feel to it.  Couldn't they fake wheels by using the programming for hovercraft but wheel asthetics?  I mean, even if they clip into the ground some, I think it would be better.

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