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[Novawrimo] Rebirth

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A couple of things to note:


All dates are from official lore and previously written short story already established as lore.


Just as in the lore, I have included brackets in the story to frame all references to names that may change (i.e. UMF)


In this story, somewhere around the end of the 21st century, shortly after the “Rebirth” program was implemented by the [uMF], the Gregorian calendar was replaced with a calendar based on seasons, known as the cycle calendar.

The new calendar was implemented partially to promote the Rebirth program (Rebirth Day!), but also to assist those involved in the project, in the hopes that when/if they arrive on another world, they have some kind of calendar/dating system that they are familiar with and is easily adaptable to the new planet. (i.e. a seasonal calendar)


On Earth each cycle has roughly 91 days and correspond loosely to the following months/seasons:


-Rebirth Day = The 1st day of the year in the cycle calendar and is always on the Spring Equinox
-First Cycle = March, April, May (Spring)
-Second Cycle = June, July, August (Summer)
-Cycle Day (also jokingly known as Recycle) = The Autumnal Equinox
-Third Cycle = Sept, Oct, Nov (Fall)
-Fourth Cycle = Dec, Jan, Feb (Winter)


Cycle dates are often referenced as the 40th day of Cycle1, 2536 (or 40C1, 2536.)





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