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Terran Union Strike Command [TUSC]

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Terran Union

Terran Union Strike Command

'We Pave The Way'





The Terran Union Strike Command is currently Recruiting!




Founded: 14th of September, 2016

Current Leader: Alexander 'Dark' Drake

Open Positions: 40 Troopers, 3 Engineers


Who are we?
The Terran Union Strike Command is the men and women dedicated to fighting for the Terran Union. Our job is simple, to Pave the way. 


TUSC is the dedicated shock troopers of the TU, hailing from all around the globe we aim to give everything our all and not give up. We are the front lines of the Terran Union Military, making first contact on assaults. The TUSC is tasked with clearing out any obstacles that may hinder the advance of the military, this may involve anything, from clearing out orbital defence stations to neutralising anti air or anti tank emplacements.


We need men and women not only willing to work together, but to give their lives together. Ever wanted to be the part of the first wave? Dropping in from high orbit and clearing the way for your fellow soldiers? Fighting side by side with you brothers and sisters in arms.


By joining TUSC, and therefore the Terran Union, you'll gain all the benefits that a citizen of the TU will gain (Link to the TU page is at the top of reference). We offer a close-knit group of friends looking forward to working together and helping each other. In down times we'll be kicking back chatting and mucking around with each other. During Operations we will have a more serious tone, focused on winning and completing our task. 

We currently looking for 41 shock troopers to join TUSC.
The Troopers are the front line of the Terran Union and the backbone of the TUSC. These men and women are the ones to go head first into combat, risking their lives in dangerous situations to begin the first assault. We are looking for men and women willing to fight alongside and cooperate with others, we will not tolerate lone wolves, those who believe they do not need anyone else. Teamwork and coordination will play a key part in the success of our operations. 

We are also looking for 6 engineers to manage the TUS Invictus.
These engineers are going to play a key role within TUSC. Headed by Owe, the engineers will manage everything aboard the cruiser. From repairing and rebuilding the drop pods and drop ships to piloting the Invictus herself, the engineers will be a hard working, dedicated group. Engineers will not be stuck in one role, but will be able to fluidly move around the ship, helping where needed. While the troopers are on mission, the Invictus will be running a skeleton crew, which is where the teamwork and dedication will pay off.

While within TUSC your are not simply restricted to your role. In our down times you are free to do what ever you want, wether it be coding, building or mucking around. But make sure you're ready! When DU comes out we will have organised training sessions but untill then I'm happy to organise game nights so we can get to know each other.



-Have a mic and is willing to use it. 

-Speak English.

-Be of 16 years or older.

--Although we would prefer members to be 16 or older, anyone younger can still apply. Applications will take longer and we will need to       see if you are mature    enough to sign aboard.

-Willing and able to act mature when we need it.

The members of TUSC are projected to have the highest mortality rate within the TU, but do not let that throw you off, we will reap in the glory from our position and know that we are fighting the hardest.

If you have any questions about TUSC feel free to pm me on Discord (Name is Dark, and you can find me on the DU discord), ask in this thread or pm me on the forums. I'll endeavor to answer as much as I can.




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Hello, how could I apply as an engineer in the creation of capital ships and other projects? Im already a member of the Terran Union, and would love to support this powerful extension.

All you need to do is contact, either Darius, Uni or I and we can talk with you and sort out where you want to go and put you on the right track I hope to one day see your creations defending the Terran Union.

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