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  2. So, this is a relativly simple thing As a silver kickbacker, (apparently resulting in a contributor pack) would I like to upgrade to the sponsor pack, so I can have access to Alpha 1... I have heard it should be possible to upgrade from contributor to sponsor for 60 bucks (aka half price) However, is that possible as a kickbacker? Or would I have to buy full price?
  3. Just take my money! *Slaps my credit card on the screen*
  4. Oh... when is alpha 2?
  5. Oh.... so I will get pre-alpha access tomorrow? I mean, I have the silver from the kickstarter and everything.
  6. I don't have an issue with logging in. O_O I mean I can be on the website and such, But if I go to the pledge file specificly, does it turn into a error 500.
  7. Soo... I saw that the pre-alpha will be avaible tomorrow, so I thought it would be neat to try and get access. So I wanted to update my pledge. Add a bit to it and such. however, when I try and access the pledge page, I get an error 500. No matter from where I access it. Is it because I pledged via the kickstarter? Or because of another reason? Halp?!
  8. Well, that is what you can expect. The game is planned to be massive, if they add everything at the start is it more likely to be a slightly broken mess. By adding it in slow intervals can they build each aspect up with much more detail and efficency. Besides, think on that 4th week, when people finally are unleashed on the solar system xD. IT will be such glorious chaos. xD
  9. "Who wants to be a space farmer"*Slooowly raises hand* I mean, in games like this am I often the profession or crafting guy. While it is far from the only thing I would want to do, would that actually be a calming and nice experience. :3
  10. Debating? Dark.... IT is mostly people complaining about not having cash and other people showing them the truth. not much of a debate
  11. 1: Aaaaaaand? A subscription is, yes... quite alike a cellphone contract. but it is the most stable Pay model for a online game possible. 2: The wow shop... (even if I dislike it quite heavily) is litterally as far from P2W as possible. All the mounts and pets are cosmetic (except pet-battles, but honestly, nobody plays wow for PvP pet battles), the helmets (the three of them) are some of the most disliked transmog pieces in the game and don't even have stats, ONLY costmetic. and the 100 boost? THAT isn't P2W. It is P2C (Pay for convenience) It is for those people that want to try a new class at max level (or level an alt to max level) but don't have the time that they are willing to spare on it, so they pay to get a character up high so they can do the interesting stuff. You won't win any PvP or PvE content easier because you do it, it is just for those willing to spend more money then time. 3: Wrooooooong, people constantly earn money to buy PLEX. Sadly have EVE (after about 12 years I think) implemented a "free" model. Where you are a alpha clone, but can't get the skills to fly the big ships and stuff... so you are basicly a grunt. But EVE didn't truly fail because of its model, but rather because of its difficulty curve and generally "grindy" gaming style. IT is REALLLY hard to start up in EVE, unless you find a good, newbie friendly CORP... 4: STO (Star Trek Online) is garbage. I am sorry, but as a new player trying it, it is pure shit. The graphics are ugly, the game is slow and clunky and much more. Also, do you know WHY F2P models even works? It is based on a single concept in the game industry, WHALES. WHales is what you call players who spend ENORMOUS amounts of money in the game, I am speaking tripple zeroes worth. Basicly THEY are the players that keep the game going, making sure you guys can play for free. Without them, POOF... a game goes up in smoke cause it don't earn enough money. MMO's are SUUUUUPER expencive. They are the most expencive game type in the gaming industry, "F2P" isn't TRULY F2P... more like "Letting Someone Else Pay 2 Play" so "LSEP2P" 5: F2P models are the LEAST worthwhile paying way of them all. It brings in a UNSURE amount of money and it is never 100% sure if they will get what they need each month, the reason it is "vastly more popular" now.. is because companies understand 1 thing. People won't pay a subscription model, for a game they don't think is worth it. WoW, in all its glory, is the best MMORPG on the market (in pure content and player base) and when people start playing another MMORPG (that is like wow) they automatilcy think, "huh, this game is great and all, but I could be playing WoW instead". IF the game isn't free, they have no reason to pay money to play that game, since they can play wow instead... BUT if it is free, then they can play the game on the side when they want, since it don't cost them money. You get the point? The ONLY reason that wow has gotten as big as it has, is because of its subscription model, it has allowed it to gain a steady and safe income, with a clear way to plan and check their income (basicly they can look at their subscriber ammount and say ROUGHLY how much they will get by the next month) WHICH allows them to plan and produce content according to that. They can take it slow, focusing on quality over quantity. Making grand things, while F2P games have to CONSTANTLY pump out loads of content and updates to keep the small, uninvested fanbase interested, so they don't leave for another F2P game. You follow me here? THERE. You have gotten answers to everything. DU is going to be SUB, and due to it honestly being unlike any other MMO out there at the moment, it could REALLY succeed.
  12. THAT kind of stuff. That is what I also kinda worry about. (and honestly, I dunno about you, but seeing giant dicks flying around in space kiinda ruins the immersion. Yeah, I know. Freedom of creativity and stuff. I am just saying)
  13. I am quite curiously wondering how the shield system will work. I mean... later, what will stop people from camping outside of the shielded area, creating a massive no'mans land around the shield xD
  14. I am not saying that I don't want others to not be able to do "bad things". Hell, It would be boring if you could only build and not have any form of "competition". What I say is that there are "Limit" to that. For example, we don't want a "goon swarm" situation, where a massive group of players constantly, nonstop, harass other players making the game unplayable unless you are in the group they are in. You get my point?
  15. Now... IT is a bit of a troublesome topic in these kinds of games. (Well in ALL games, but games like for example Dual Universe are the most sensitive to these kinds of people.) People who only trolls and generally just ruin everything for others just because they find it fun. People that ruin others buildings or the like just to see them get angry. I am not fully aware how this will be stopped, but It can easily become a big issue if not adressed in one way or the other. What do you guys think? How will we stop stuff like this from happening? (The last thing I want is some player named "Mommafaker81" bunny jumping in a circle around, randomly placing out cheap ores to be in the way of others :/) Edited by Nyzaltar: Foul language removed.
  16. I am not really worried about large buildings NOT becomming a thing... and more worried about greifers Edited by Nyzaltar: Foul language removed.
  17. Agreed building tools like that could really be usefull
  18. I have explained this before and apparently have to explain this again. a Sub game is the least likely to become P2W. the whole thing of P2W comes from the fact that developers need to get money, so they give something awesome and powerfull to give people more reasons to pay. Sub models don't do that because it is more likely that the game will have a steady income. So they don't need any P2W items and are most likely to be 100% fair. And the reason for so many sub model games to fail and turn F2P? THAT is because they were all mimicing WoW. 90% of the sub games were based so heavily on wow that the people playing them, thought "huh, WoW is much better and is also a sub game why do I play this" honestlty without its sub model I doupt wow would have gotten this far in its lifespan, same with EVE for that matter.
  19. *shrugs* yeah, I know. Lore and such are important, would just be a fun side thing
  20. What could be really cool would be if... Beta and Alpha structures "remained" but not as full buildings but rather as ruins Yeah, I get it wouldn't make much sense but iit could be cool.
  21. I heard they would make the PLANETS rotate... simulating a day and night cycle... tho I might have heard wrong.
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