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The Morrigan Consortium - 






What are we?


We are an Organisation of like minded creative individuals such as scientists, engineers who believe the future lies in technological advancement.




What is our focus?


Our initial focus is mining for resources and to design functional and advanced star ships of all types, both military and civilian but our long term focus is Technological advancement of the human race.




Is the Morrigan Consortium a Civilian or Military organisation?


We are mainly a Civilian company but we do have a Militaristic side.




I heard your factions wishes to stay neutral is it true?


Yes and no, there's an emphasis on 'wishes' but we will stick by any and all allies we may have should they be attacked or declared war on.

But considering we also design Warships we will need a way to test them in combat, We will not aggravate others to start a war though.




Whats the ranking system within the Consortium like?


Considering we have two sections within the Consortium (Military and Civilian) we have two different rank structures but they both report to the Consortium Head.





                                Executives {

                               /                   \

Consortium Head {                      Designers --> Engineers


                                Rear Admiral --> Commodore --> Captain --> Lieutenant --> Crewmen




I know that the Consortium Head is the leader but who is the current head?


The Current Consortium Head is Charles Augustus.




Who are your allies?


Currently we are a member of the Coalition of Pirates and Smugglers. (COPS)




Why would i join the Morrigan Consortium?


If you like designing ships or even building them we do a lot of that so that's a good reason why.

We also do a bit of mining for players who are interested in gathering resources, the lifeblood in this new age.

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