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Alpha 1

Found 8 results

  1. “Trust in Creation” Edit 12/23/18 The PRF (Prophet Rocket Foundry) started as a home for ex-Landmark players to gather to continue work on our voxel obsession. It has now become clear that by being being exclusive to our old community that we are hoarding knowledge that can can be benificial to all and as much as we’d like to be an exclusive in voxel design that does not help the community. Applications are open to all. Our primary goal at the PRF is to make this verse one we are proud to live in. We are here to make this world diverse and attractive in its designs. We are also here to push the tools to its limits (For Science!). If you are interested in building amazing creations or want to learn how to do so, we’re the place for you. We are not a militaristic org but don’t get me wrong we are not an org of bunny cupcakes and will defend ourselves. We have relations with several other orgs for programming and logistics. You can see our work in multiple releases from Dual Universe (See below. All images are from DU public postings). We want this verse to be diverse and unique. We’re here to make it that way. Apply at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/prophet-rocket-foundry _____________________________ (original post) The Prophet Rocket Foundry is currently a group of prior Landmark players looking for a new home. Since Lumeria was lost to us in a devistating space-time cataclysm we've been wandering the galaxy seeking a new home. At this moment it is comprised of prior Lumerians with alpha access however this is not a requirement to join. Just an interest in the future (and a NQ ID) of this verse is enough to warrant admittance. At this point known Lumerians will be granted instant acceptance. It's my vision to have a large group of people from our prior home to join and help this verse with our prior voxel and construction expertise. We seek to explore and provide quality bug reports and feedback to help improve this new land. Even the prophets created by the voxel deity known as Shattari could not of predicted such events but we'll make the best of it. -Pantera All of the below Prophet Rocket Foundry creations have been publicly shared by Nova Quark.
  2. Jet

    Voxel Destruction Balancing

    I’m not entirely sure if Novaquark has already addressed this, but it seems the voxel-destruction mechanic for the game is broken in its current state. If a player would exit his ship, the said player could simply dig through the enemy ship, and proceed completely disable it with his mining tool all within a good minute. It should take much longer to “mine” through powered voxels that are not from your own organization. Maybe thirty seconds to a minute every 5 cubic centimeters (Which I believe is the smallest voxel size). This protection system could be implemented as a sort of cheap “reinforcement module” to protect voxels and elements from irritating enemies. What do you guys think?
  3. Hi! I'm just wondering if we'll have tools within the voxel system to make bent surfaces/faces/lines. For times you want to make a ship that looks very curvy, you'd want to actually bend the voxels with a system rather than try to cobble together loads of straight lines yourself. Example: You want an arching column (a "parabola") over the top of your ship. You want it to look like a perfect arch and for it to be easy to do ideally. From all I've seen so far, you'd need to just build lots and lots of straight cuboids to build the shape. What i'd quite like to see is having a 3 point vector line that bends approximately. Is this going to be implemented in the building system? Example pics: 3 points, start, middle, end - program "curves" between them. https://imgur.com/a/flT3o So my first question is if we will have base tools to create curved things like that. My second is whether or not we'll be able to make advanced faces, for example moving vertices of a polygon before creating the voxel object, much like conventional 3D modelling of polygons. Thanks!
  4. Captain_Hilts

    Building Aids

    Here's my list of top things I'd like to see in the game regarding building. 1 It'd be nice if we could have a way to set the X,Y,Z dimensions of a voxel shape we are going to deploy. You know, rather than counting by 25cm increments until I get to 1600m x 890m x 530m for my Star Destroyer. Seems that could be tedious. 2 It'd be nice to be able to have a map of my ship I am making; its internal elements and internal voxel structure. Otherwise I think I could get lost inside my ship while I'm building it. ; ) I'd like to see a few dynamic elements added - 3 A clamp element that can connect/disconnect a dynamic construct to another dynamic construct or to a static construct. 4 A turntable element that can be used to create a hinge, turret, or axle. 5 A linear motor - something that can move groups of voxels parallel to each other like a train on a track or a sliding door. 6 Some kind of layer / grouping tool - would be useful especially for very complex constructs Yes I am thinking like I'm building with legos only unlimited pieces - awesome! Anyway, the game looks amazing already and I'm looking forward to the end of the month. Hopefully these things will end up in the game at some point in the future.
  5. After giving the most recent Kickstarter update video a listen, I got a nice little nugget of info. ~Blueprints will not be wiped between Alpha, Beta, and the Release. This gives a tangible advantage to players at the gold level and higher, as the time they spend building (and helping test for that matter) the voxel system, ship building, and base building will get to carry-over all of their blueprints and potentially have an economic advantage at game launch. While other players are trying to develop ships from scratch or working off of the start ships, Alpha/Beta players will already have designs with a slick uniform look and possibly so will their respective org. Despite not having access to all launch features, this makes ORG play viable at least in Beta to acquire an advantage for main release. Does this provide an unfair advantage to Alpha/Beta players? An advantage sure, however our characters probably won't get to keep the levels we had to gain to make those builds possible. When the wipe hits after beta and before main launch, every other tangible resource will still be an obstacle for players who have a bank of blueprints from the previous versions. I for one will try to flex my Alpha and Beta muscles with the Alchemists to get a head start on builds! Pretty neat eh? I'd HIGHLY recommend upping those pledges to at least gold at this point if you haven't already
  6. Based on this video that shows players walking on a flying platform, if you look closely you can see that Core Unit is not directly connected to the construct, it is hovering just below it. This indicates that having disconnected parts of a construct does not influence the behavior of the construct. When forces are applied to the construct as a whole, and disconnected parts will still move with the whole. Bearing in mind that this is a pre-alpha build, it seems that this is something that should be changed soon, and I would hope that the dev’s are planning on it. Allowing the different parts of a construct to be completely disconnected from the core unit, and other parts of the ship for that matter, will lead to some strange designs and exploits, not to mention being unrealistic. In a game like space engineers when building the disconnected piece would go floating off, but since severing pieces in DU doesn’t create a new construct this won’t happen. This can be avoided during construction by making it so that when you delete a segment that connects a part of the ship to the core unit, the now disconnected section is also deleted. This also has implications for combat and destruction, where it seems that severing parts of a construct would be a pretty common occurrence. Personally, I’m okay with there being, severed parts moving along with a construct after it has been damaged. Ideally however, this debris would float off / or despawn after being detached from the ship. This would require them to be considered a separate construct, but they would lack a core unit. Hard to know whether that it is feasible though. Thoughts on this topic?
  7. Hi I'm Wesley Bruce, wesbruce in may games. That heading was not quite serious, Much. I am a geographer and would be game designer but not a programmer. I don't even have a computer that can run the game though I am planning to buy a new PC. Dyslexia makes reading code hard hence my interest in non code based solutions: Second Life, Voxels, Blenders little boxes, minecraft. Played many MMO's. I have abandoned avatars everywhere. I know Geography, some astronomy and planetology, human ecology, some economics and chemistry. Degree Australian National University. I've out lived my membership in the National Space Society twice! (A Sad story and a funny story there.) I know all the old L5 society stuff. Also I have blog posts on para-terraforming, sea steading, space stuff. Two NASA submission, not winning but considered useful. I have some skill in blender, wings 3D, sculptris, etc. Enough to be useful in a team but not on my own. I've studied game design informally including game economics, quest/ tutorial design, map pitfalls, voxel theory, minecraft modding. I checked out the jobs on offer at NQ and know I could help but I'm not that good. Total lack of formal qualifications matters! And I know my limitations. I'm also in Australia. A long way from Paris which may be an issue. I have Skype. PM me for it if you need it. My current job is as a carer, disability support but that is diminishing as the guy I look after gets better at doing things. He has Cerebral Palsy and more university qualifications than me. I'm a crazy ideas man with an idea of what JC baillie is wanting to do, how it's working and some of the things needed. I can also see the pit falls ahead; that may make me useful. I'm a bit of a lore master with many ideas. I hope to see you in-game some day.
  8. I'd like to create a list of all the elements, voxels, and mesh ideas we would all like to build with in-game that have not been mentioned by the devs yet. A short list of what I'd like to see follows. Artificial gravity voxels with diminishing returns based on how close you are to a natural gravity well. Voxels with "traction" that the character avatar "sticks" to so we can build moving platforms we won't slide off of. Diminishing returns based on how far you are from a gravity well. Voxels that can only be constructed in certain conditions such as an airless, high, or zero-g environment. (Could make certain shipyards more or less valuable and/or capable.) Voxels that can have different properties if certain conditions are met. (apply power and you increase mass for instance.) "Floating" component voxels. Functionality identical to other types but for aesthetics only. (See my forum portrait for an example.) Anyone else with ideas? I think this thread could be quite expansive.