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Found 4 results

  1. Will NQ staff be barred from participating/playing? Should they be? Will they maybe manage some of the quests? Will they set up some rules? Or will the game be total anarchy (with NQ setting up some safe zones)? I think those are some important questions.. Do we know the answers to these yet?
  2. Hello, i am a friend of TheSlaxx, and he asked me to put up this message on the forums: ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dual Universe community. You know me as "TheSlaxx", I use to frequent these forums back in 2015 until july last year. I have been banned because I posted a reactionary below-the-belt picture on the forum after NQ deleted my organization. As a consequence, NovaQuark banned me permanently from the game. I want to give you this message to show you how I have been treated and what happened from my perspective. Firstly, let me explain to you that I was always an avid supporter of dual universe ever since I found this endevour in 2015. I earned the Alpha team member title because I gave feedback to NQ about the site and I was very proud of it. Now, after I made my organization and reached 107 members, I merged my group with that of a user named "mmtheboss/ascend/fullsend" I didnt know that this person did some nefarious things in the dual universe community. Among that, he created ghost accounts to boost his numbers which i didn't know of. NovaQuark started an investigation into these nefarious activities, and since I was now in the same organisation with him, they assumed these things were also my fault, which is untrue. In the end NovaQuark deleted the group and I became very angry. Not just because they deleted my group, but also because they wrongfully accused me of these deeds. That resulted in me posting that below-the-belt pic in multiple threads at the same time and only once on the forum. As a result, they removed my alpha team member status, sent me my pledge back and banned me permanently from the game. Just because i posted that pic a couple of times. The summary is that I was permanently banned from my dream game because of things I never did, and I feel extremely depressed, remorseful, and sad because of it. And it gets even better: ascend was obviously banned too, but what he did, he created a secondary account to dodge the ban and he even told NovaQuark after he got back in and NovaQuark PERMITTED IT! Now the main perpetrator and main reason for these bad things can play the game while a guy who's actually pretty nice can't, because I don't want to ban evade. I consider that wrong. In typing this message I want to apologise yet again for posting the pics, and thats it, because I didn't do much other bad things. I just hope the community allows me to play again and accepts my apology and that NovaQuark will see it. I am not the reason why all this happened and I was unfairly treated. i am here to formally request my alpha team member status (even if it doesnt do anything anymore now), my ruby pledge (i will pay) back, to get unblocked on the forums, and to be allowed to play again. Thanks in advance NQ, and goodbye. ---------------------------------------------------- Will you accept his apology?
  3. orginal[ Hallo Leute, Ich finde die Entwickler sollten nicht Gott spielen, denn dann spühren Sie nicht die Auswirkungen ihrer Regeln. Daher halte ich es für sinnvoll wenn NQ im Spiel eine Organisation stellt die den selben Regeln unterworfen ist wie alle Spieler. Als erste Verwaltungseinheit besitzt die "Arkship-Org" (ich nenne Sie jetzt einfach mal so) das Arkship selbst und ein paar Hexagonfelder unter der Kuppel. Natürlich kann Sie Mitglieder aufnehmen und auch Legate bestimmen. Damit sind die Entwickler Teil des Spiels und es entstehen keine Brüche in der Konsistens (Alpha-Test zeigt es). ]orginal google-englisch[ Hi Guys, I find the developers should not play god, because then do not spill the effects of their rules. Therefore I consider it useful for NQ in the game an organization which is subject to the same rules as all players. As the first administrative unit, the "Arkship-Org" (I just call you now) have the Arkship itself and a few hexagon fields under the dome. Of course, you can include members and also appoint legates. Thus the developers are part of the game and there are no breaks in the consistens (alpha test shows it). ]google-englisch mfG Die Waldfee
  4. Ok so I'm kind of confused about the selection of alpha team members that was posted by NQ-Nyzaltar. Are these just random people on the forums who were selected to be given alpha access in addition to people who pledged the minimum of gold or does this not have anything to do with alpha access?
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