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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Dual Universe! Welcome to Ark Central, the leader in Dual Universe news and updates! We're dedicated to bringing you the latest across the universe and keeping you informed on everything Dual Universe! The Ark Central team provides information across a variety of media, including video and radio broadcasts. We'll keep this thread updated with the latest broadcasts so you won't have to search around for them! *Note: Ark Central was previously known as Cinderfall TV. This partnership has since been terminated. Cheers! Broadcast 1: Broadcast 2: Broadcast 3: Broadcast 4 (November 2017): Broadcast 5 (December 2017): Broadcast 6 (January 2018): Broadcast 7 (February 2018): Broadcast 8 (March 2018):
  2. https://youtu.be/e04Gv-ZSADM This is the Video to our new Ranking Structure. It was heavily inspired from the roman Command Structure as we believe that it is very great and can be adopted to many Situation. We also focused on flexibility.
  3. Hi everyone, As it is planned to make an official full time video about building a spaceship from start to finish, we wanted to give a chance to the Spaceship Designers in the Community of seeing their design coming to life in an official Novaquark video. For those who would be interested to see their "home made" spaceship design (it musn't be inspired from an already existing Sci-Fi universe or game) to serve as a model in this video, please submit your Spaceship design images to video@novaquark.com . Of course, you don't necessarily need to have access to the game to submit your Spaceship Design! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. Hi all, new video for you guys. This one goes over latest news, updates and happenings in Dual Universe. Hope you enjoy xD
  5. Hi all, just made a new video for you guys all about Dual Universe Lore, feel free to check it out if you'd like xD https://youtu.be/82ZM33EyY3I
  6. I'm doing a (German) Dual Universe Video series for a Time. In reason of the new Supporter Packs I have done a Video containing all Infos. I hope you like it ^^(If you can understand it) //German Ich mache seit einer Weile ein Dual Universe Video-Serie. Aufgrund der neuen Supporter Packs habe ich ein Video mit allen Infos gemacht. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch ^^
  7. Hi all, just to let you know that I have re-uploaded the 2 videos that I made a couple of days ago as I had some audio issues, these have all been fixed now...hopefully xD https://youtu.be/WLJgaoCF_ok https://youtu.be/vdbpLGU5Lcs Hope you like them, and ps: I am extremely new to YouTube so be gentle with me, I know I made a couple of mistakes here and there
  8. First off, I wanted to give my discord link, always welcome to new people: https://discordapp.com/invite/cRA2kt8 Second, can anyone leave a like on this video: https://youtu.be/IfTqJiPv25E
  9. Hey Guys ^^ Is there even an official statement about recording and publishing gameplay in Alpha? I'm a German broadcaster streaming on Twitch and publishing on a Gaming YouTube Channel, so this is kinda important to me. I really wish to combine my passion for DU and my passion for YouTube/Twitch.
  10. I was beginning to find it frustrating trying to hunt down little bits of information in videos in order to help people out so I thought that I would make a summary of the Dev Diaries. December Dev Team Territory Units Rendering/Lighting Beginning bot test server Ore Scanning January Biomes Day/Night Cycle Smoother & Undo Tool Building Jetpack Engine Force Physics POV details Test server with 100s of bots February Ship element redesign Some example ships Ghost Preview of elements Copy tool Started cockpit widgets (HTML/CSS) New Texture Baking Alpha moved to September March Further cockpit widget work Atmospheric/Orbital Physics Improved Interpolation Detector & Logic Gates Interactive Component Demonstration (Laser Trap Puzzle) April €650,000 milestone (construct vs. construct) Refined total flight Physics Ice Biome Crafting Basics Build Mode Detailed Information (w/ live element ghost updating) May 3rd Party Play-Testing Interplanetary Flight Work Stardust & Trajectory Monitor (Orange Sanic Rings) Artificial-Friction Generating Retro Engines Reentry Heating Effects 3D Planet map w/ hexagonal tiles Bookmarking Destination Tracking Pulser Unit & Pressure Plate Logic Component Redesign June Alpha Information Building Brush Shapes Building on 2D plane Remote Ship Control Player Momentum Continuity 1000 bots & 100 constructs test server July LUA scripting Control Unit & Script Editor Window Element Events & Functions Screen Unit Text & HTML/SVG Imported Images LUA programing Emergency Control Unit Simple Damage Model & Repairing
  11. Hey Guys, I'm not totally sure if this the right place for this xD If it isn't, I'm sorry... Today, I started a new video series on my German YouTube Channel. I will upload a Video about DU every Friday. The Topics will be different but all kind of informational. The first Video is a basic video that answers the question "What is Dual Universe?" Because it is a German video on a German Channel I will continue in German with specific information. So, nun noch mal etwas genauer: Jeden Freitag kommt ab sofort ein Informationsvideo zu DU auf meinem YouTube Kanal. Die Themen werden recht verschieden sein, sei es ein Deutsches Video zur Lore, zu Gameplay Mechanismen oder auch zur Community. Das erste Video behandelt die Grundlage was DU eigentlich ist und soll für jeden ein Einstig bitten. Für die denen das Video gefällt, ist es denke ich auch gut um das Spiel neuen Leuten zu Zeigen. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch ^^
  12. So after a lot of work put in by YoWaddles, the Soul Nebula promo has launched. Take a look if you would like.
  13. ok so im trying to post a video i made for my org but when i goto post it on the community page i get this error message in the typing box "Media embed handler threw unkown error" and it wont let the video post... is there something wrong with the website? edit: Seems its not just my video that wont post, i cant post any video at all...
  14. COPS video intro. ​This is my second time to use After Effects and first time mixing audio so this is probably subject to change. Fun stuff, tons to learn. Enjoy. ​********WARNING: TURN DOWN SOUND...MY AUDIO MIXING IS BAD********
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