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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everybody! so I'm new around these parts... Thought i'd share some animated forum signature banners that I threw together (in other words I was extremely bored and am impatiently waiting for the alpha ) Edit: Had some people asking if they need to credit me if they use these banners... the answer is no since most of the content in the banners is already novaquark copyright... so just handle it how you would if it was from novaquark.
  2. Hello everyone so, I just got myself the Patron pack (and iam pretty new here obviously) which should, so I think, also give me access to the pre alpha forum. But it seems like I don't have access to it ... sadly. Question is, what should I do about it? - Drunken Savage
  3. Hello, I would like to suggest two proposals to make it clearer in the list of organizations. Currently, the total number of members per organization displayed on the site takes into account those who have already purchased a version of the game as well as those who have not yet acquired the game but are registered on the site of the community DU. 1st Proposition: It would be advisable to be able to classify the organizations through an additional filter counting only the members who have already acquired the game. 2nd Proposal: Add, in parentheses, the numb
  4. Hello, In user profile no have option to configure language/speaking languages. For example I Russian speaking man, and some times people from English speaking in-game corporations write to me offers for sign-up. May be create/enable in board and other profiles option for define users languages?
  5. I get an email every time someone sends me a private message. In my settings I can't turn this off because "This has been set by the administrator". Does everybody have this issue or am I bugged?
  6. Hey all. For some reason, when I changed my display name and picture, nothing had changed for me when I had viewed my profile and looked at my forum posts. Is it possible to actually change your name, or is it just a glitch?
  7. Less of a gameplay, more of a forum idea. We currently have both player and organization introductions in one category. I suggest that we (well, mods / admins that is) create a new category for player organizations, alliances, etc. This may be more useful sooner or later in my book and may eventually make finding them easier. It also looks a bit better. Of course the sooner this would be considered and implemented, the less work you have later on as you move threads over. If we assume people are for this idea, how could one execute it as we have threads in the category al
  8. bonjour , je suis genoshif comme j` ai vu beaucoup de poste sur les raisons de la langue anglaise sur dual universe , après m`être renseigner et pour respecter principalement la clause NDA ( Non Divulgation Agrément ) , j`ai créer ce petit site sur wixe afin de rassemblement la communauté francophone de dual universe pour ne pas trop poser de problème sur ce forum-ci au niveau linguistique . site dans lequel ( une fois que la NDA ne sera plus d`actualité bien sur ) je posterai des tuto vidéo en français une fois que le jeux sera accessible a tous , le temps que novaquark trouve un peut
  9. So I have been attempting to create a cover photo for my Profile page, however I encountered the issue that once I upload the image it is extremely 'zoomed in' as it is only showing a portion of the image, and I cannot find any options to resize it, I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, I tried large and small images and the results are the same. I am possibly missing something extrememly obvious here but if anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated.
  10. I sit in very strange positions sometimes to be comfortable. When I'm sitting like this, a lot of times, I have to adjust my entire body to reposition to a point where I can type effectively. In my laziness, while sitting at the main page, I clicked the Dual Universe logo on the top left of the main page of the forum, expecting to be returned to dualthegame.com, because I wanted to look at the current pledge system. I also didn't want to move to type 'cuz I was comfy. I was reloaded to the same page. Home button? Nah, just the breadcrumb. Went through all the dropdowns I could
  11. as the topic says, I ask because if we could bring them over easier we could have them asking the questions a lot of them are asking here as apposed to the page.
  12. I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this topic, but I didn't know where else it might fit into. Lately I have seen some conversations on the forum become very aggressive, insofar as people cursing at each other and getting into really heated arguments. While I think it's healthy to be able to debate openly on the forum, there are certainly some people you might not get along with very well. I'm not going to point out any names, but some people certainly have the tendency to escalate debates into full blown attacks on one another. Which is why I want to point out a feature of
  13. This idea is mostly for the forums, hopefully we can get a conversation started about this... This idea will be taken from other games forums... a DevTracker is exactly what the name is... Developer Tracker It is a special section in the forums, where if you click on it, it links you to a listing of the Developer Posts. It lists all the developers it is tracking... with a list of the most recent posts. One must log in into an account in order for it to show as an option on the forum lists... it works much like a search, but in the sense that it searches for all the accounts
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