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  1. I sit in very strange positions sometimes to be comfortable. When I'm sitting like this, a lot of times, I have to adjust my entire body to reposition to a point where I can type effectively. In my laziness, while sitting at the main page, I clicked the Dual Universe logo on the top left of the main page of the forum, expecting to be returned to dualthegame.com, because I wanted to look at the current pledge system. I also didn't want to move to type 'cuz I was comfy. I was reloaded to the same page. Home button? Nah, just the breadcrumb. Went through all the dropdowns I could find on the page, and nothing I could see leads back to the game's main web page. There is a dropdown on the main page that leads to the forum, but no link that leads back. My idea is to simply provide this functionality from the main (or any) forum page, possibly in the Browse list, or by clicking the top-left logo (since you can return to any ancestor of your current forum position by clicking in the breadcrumb). Just a quality of life improvement for us lazy nerds. P.S. please forgive and school me if I've overlooked it.
  2. Thanks for the warm greetings, all. Definitely excited to see what Novaquark has to offer here. Does anyone know what we can expect as far as a flight model goes? I watched the moon-Earth demo the other day and it looks promising; the re-entry effects were shockingly nice (thought a bomb was detonating off-screen at first). I was heavily into KSP a couple years ago, and became a bit fond of their wonky flight model, despite its flaws. It looks semi-realistic so far but I was just wondering if anyone has any additional details in terms of how physically accurate it's going to be, or if NQ has plans to develop it that way.
  3. Sup. I don't usually do intro posts, but I feel like I'm gonna be around for a while, so I figured I'd let everybody know that I'm here, and I'm single. I mean I don't belong to any organization. Just did some forum prowling and was astonished at some of the things that are already happening before anyone's even played the game. But yeah, I'll probably be looking for one to join? Ideally, I'd like to start one myself, but every time I start gaining momentum on a guild or clan of some sort, I end up losing interest in the game and my webserver gets filled with unfinished site projects. I'm also not sure I could get enough of my friends to buy into this, especially this early on, so I think hopping in an already-rolling bandwagon might work out this time. Background: Been following loosely following development with skepticism (I've been hurt too many times) since I heard about it last year, probably around November/December. A friend of mine and myself have been searching for a space-based multi-player building game where things actually, y'know.. work... I hate to mention Space Engineers, but I really enjoyed the concept. The execution was poor. Very poor. Beside the point: this looks fantastic and I want to play it with a crapton of people who also like diddling around in spess. I plan on pledging Gold sometime in August to help out and get access. Side-question: can anyone unbiased give me a runover of who the big kahunas are, what they do, stand for, etc. or would I be better off trying to find their recruitment threads? Either way, hello and thanks if you can do that. Additional background: I never played Eve so I won't get any Eve-based mumbo jumbo you might spew at me (though I haven't seen any yet, other than the PLEX references in the business model post)
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