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Found 9 results

  1. If this game happens to survive, what kinds of character customization would you want? For starters, I guess it would be nice to see our characters outside of our suits and in street clothes, I guess....
  2. I think we should be able to upload our own hair mesh for money to make our character more unique. Individuality is important and that is not even complicated to do also NQ should be inspired by EVE character creator it is pretty intuitive for user. Every aspect of the universe is determined by the players so we should determine how we want to look and not be all the same people or similar people. This is a universe not a game we need to be different. Because DU is different from other game because it is a second universe!
  3. I thought that once we are in game, and if the corps are big enough, you may not know that the guy/gal walking behind you isnt a stalker, just a fellow corp-mate going to the same place as you. This could be fixed by having little corp mini logo's shown in the characters tag. Maybe to a max of 5 logos. (Having corp mini logo's on part of the characters body would also be good - maybe on the shoulder/upper arms? This could be all the logo's as there are more rooms on arms than in tags.) Assuming there is also a friend or foe system in DU maybe also a little g
  4. Hey everyone, My suggestion is that we give the option to change out of our space suits and into regular clothing. This could be military uniforms (NQ could add various types of military uniforms and we could customize colors to make unique military uniforms for our organizations), regular civilian clothes, and that sort of thing. I think this could add to the role-play style and maybe could even be a commodity that is traded on the markets?(Military uniforms, civilian clothing etc). Obviously this would only be possible inside of closed spaces that have oxygen support
  5. Can more than one person play on one account without sharing progression? Is there a family account system or something similar to the character select screen in Destiny?
  6. I have quickly searched but maybe I am not using the right terms... I have a bit of a brainstorm/question/statement.... So I am curious if we know much about the DU environment in-game. I am assuming because of the way many things work that it seems the world will be persistent, am I right? If this is the case - then when you log off, your body will still be somewhere. Is it possible to capture, imprison, jail, or otherwise "hold in custody" other players bodies? If we have a persistent world (as I think it seems would make the most sense in this game) then it would be supr
  7. This post is really simple. I just came up with it as I was watching the 18th update What would be your guys ideas regarding costumizable options on your character. Like diffrent helmets and diffrent chest pieces ect ect. Of course, the game is only in pre-alpha so they only have one look... but I am curious what you guys would like to add into the visual aspect of this game. (pictures or text or both, don't really matter how you describe your thoughts and ideas) Personally (because I will go after a more scientist, research kind of route when it comes to this game. IF it now comes out) I
  8. << I don't know why you insist on this course of action. You are only going to die >> "Fugoff." The words blended into one as I grunt, moving another rock. << You are reacting emotionally. You should accept that there is no place for you here. You are not listed. There is no record of you >> "Fuck. Off." Two rocks are heaved, punctuating the words. The sentiment is lost on my tormentor. Programming kicks in and it corrects my semantics. << I am bound to the Novark. I cannot 'leave', per se >> I stop, standing, stretching the kinks out of
  9. As some of you know I am currently spending my time in other voxel games making spaceships. In one of the games (which is mostly 3rd person) you can customize your character with height, name, skin color, face (eyes, nose mouth etc) hair style just like many MMO's. However in the other game (mostly first person) where you can actually make constructs work there is no character customization outside of the color of the space suit you wear. My question is: Is there going to be reasonable character creation and customization for people who like to role play, or at the minimum like to play in a
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